Artist Profile: Walter Popp (1920–2002)

38286874-High_Priest_of_California_paperback_cover_19531The son of German muralist Gustave Gutgemon, Walter Popp was born in New York and studied art at the New York Phoenix School of Design.  After serving in the U.S. Army during World War II, Popp launched his career as a freelance illustrator.  Popp began as an illustrator for pulp magazines before moving on to painting paperback covers in the 1950s.  He remained active, designing the covers for gothic romance novels, into the 1990s.

A small sampling of his work can be found below.

A Time For MurderCall Me DeadlyCarney's BurlesqueDressed To KillGutter GangModel For MurderNightmareNo Angels For MeSpace StoriesThe Girl Who Loved DeathThe House of Whispering AspensThe PromoterThrilling WondersPoppPopp2Popp3Popp4Popp5


2 responses to “Artist Profile: Walter Popp (1920–2002)

  1. Nice site, but some of the titles you are showing are not Walter Popp. Among them are Woman’s Woman and Love?Thank You. You have a couple of others also that were incorrectly attributed to him as well. You do have some of his great ones up there as well though!


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