Scenes I Love: The Butt Fumble (by N.Y. Jets and Mark Sanchez)

It’s a slow Friday night and once again boredom has hit him until I came upon a great idea. What better way to relieve myself of this boredom than to watch one of the funniest moments in NFL history. It also happens to be one of the most embarrassing moments for the NY Jets, their fans and their hapless and useless of a starting quarterback Mark Sanchez.

The scene is straight out of the late season game between heated AFC East rivals New England Patriots and the NY Jets. What makes this a favorite scene of mine even though I’m a diehard San Francisco 49ers fan is the fact that it’s a sequence that never gets old and continues to entertain.

It’s the play simply called “The Butt Fumble.”

ENJOY! (I know pantsukudasai56 will)

5 responses to “Scenes I Love: The Butt Fumble (by N.Y. Jets and Mark Sanchez)

  1. Truly a classic. 50, 100, 200 years from now, as long as there is an NFL this play will be remembered as the single most embarrassing play in NFL history. I’m just happy that I was there to see it live!


  2. No, I was too busy yelling over to who I think was Firemashall Bill and laughing at him for wearing a Bustchez jersey to do a proper Nelson laugh. And really, there wasn’t much anyone could say about it at the time. Then the following kickoff pretty much silenced the crowd for the rest of the night when they fumbled that for a TD. When I was walking out of the stadium, not a single Jets fan said a word to me. It was glorious!


  3. Actually, there’s a worse one than this. Week 15, 2012, Jets at Titans. Brett Kern, Titans punter, shanks a boot and the Jets get the ball inside the 25 of the Titans. Rex Ryan is grinning like a Cheshire cat as if to say “Boy, we got ’em now, we can’t possibly screw THIS one up!” Next play, Marc Sanchez fumbles the snap, Titans recover and win the game, 14-10. Cut back to Rex Ryan, not knowing whether to look furious or humiliated, so he does both at the same time.

    It’s just the same old story with the Jets. They manage to rescue defeat from the jaws of victory.

    Somebody needs to speed up the footage of the Butt Fumble and set it to Benny Hill music.


    • There’s one sped up to Benny Hill theme, but too short and the quality of the video was too poor. Plus, this sequence doesn’t even need that enhancement. I think this play was worst just for the fact that the play was screwed from the moment the ball was snapped. Even the first time I saw the play when it played on my screen I knew that it was a play-action pass play. Everyone on the JETS teams knew it was play-action except for Bustchez who thought Shone Greene was suppose to take the hand-off. His reaction when Greene didn’t take the hand-off was to turn around, pause (and you can almost sense the panic in him settling in), then try to salvage the play by running up the middle and right straight into his right guard who was being manhandled and pushed back by Vince Wilfork.

      So, it was Sanchez meet Right Guard’s ass and down he went. To make things even more comical and worse was him fumbling the ball then the Patriots running it back for a TD. Even the reaction shots of JETS fans in the crowd was hilarious. They saw right then and there just awful and inept the Rex Ryan and Mark Sanchez regime in NY has been. For all the talk of Rex Ryan standing up to Belichik and not there to kiss the Dark Lord’s three Super Bowl rings he hasn’t done much except blow hot air to the NY sports media (who must be loving this implosion) and to the team’s fans. I’m surprised that he wasn’t fired after that night’s game.

      I think Patriots fan just glad to see Rex Ryan and Bustchez back this season for more hilarity.

      As I like to say, feel free to mouth off and act like an arrogant asshole if you can back it up and back it up good. Rex Ryan and Bustchez like to talk and swagger but as this shows they’re posers and not even of the funny kind. But then this is what one gets from the Ryan Football Family. Their dad Buddy Ryan was a blowhard who skated on his Bears 46 Defense that won Chicago its first and only Super Bowl in 85. Both Rex and Rob Ryan were considered defensive geniuses but the last couple years have shown that they’re average at best (no wonder Rob Ryan lost every HC job he interviewed for this offseason).

      I, for one, am quite disappointed that the San Francisco 49ers will not be playing the AFC East again this upcoming season. Would love to see how the Kaepernick-led offense and the SF Defense (a true elite defense with a nondescript and quiet defensive genius in Vince Fagio) get a crack at Rex Ryan and Bustchez one more time.


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