AMV of the Day: Death Romance

Time for a new “AMV of the Day” and this time it was the AMV that was the consensus hit of this past summer’s Anime Expo 2011.

“Death Romance” is the creation of youtube user KaitoKid99 and from the reaction I’ve read about his entry at the AMV contest at Anime Expo 2011 this anime music video was something to have seen with a huge crowd reacting to it. The video took two so very different things and actually ended up quite funny and well-done: Death Note anime and Lady Gaga’s song “Bad Romance”.

Just watching the video I could very well imagine how well this video would’ve gone over. The fact that it won not just Best In Show at Anime Expo 2011, but also Best Comedy should put this video as one of the top one’s for 2011. KaitoKid99 didn’t use too much effects trickery and gimmicks. This video just was edited and synched quite well with a minimum of fuss and in the end those tend to be the best ones since there’s not too much to distract from the video.

I really regret not being able attend Anime Expo 2011 now if just to have seen this AMV on the theater screen at the Nokia Theater with a crowd of a couple thousand otaku.

Anime: Death Note

Song: “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga

Creator: KaitoKid99