No Name Anthologies: Last Script

No Name Anthologies: Issue #4

“Date with Destiny”

1st draft 11/24/06

By “Senor Geekus”



Arielle Thetis: A strikingly beautiful woman from Moniker’s past.  She possesses abilities similar a Naiad. She has long flowing hair that reaches her hips.  She resembles a cross between Monica Bellucci, Mieko Rye, and Sofia Vergara. She is dressed in an outfit similar to the ones worn by Inara in Firefly.


PANEL ONE: A building that resembles a Roman Bath.  It is surrounded by a garden. There are cars parked about 100 feet away.

PANEL TWO: The interior of the building looks like the classical Roman Bath house.

PANEL THREE: Zero Moniker is in bath relaxing. His arms are sprawled over the edge. Everything above his chest is in view and above the water. His body is thin yet muscular.

PANEL FOUR: A close-up of his head. His head is facing the sky and his eyes are closed.

Zero Moniker: So this is what paradise is like.


PANEL ONE: Two watery tendrils form in the pool.

PANEL TWO: The tendrils shoot towards Zero’s hands.

PANEL THREE: They envelope his arms.

PANEL FOUR: A close-up of Zero’s face. His eyes show his surprise.

Zero Moniker: What is going on?

PANEL FIVE: His arms are pulled into the pool.

PANEL SIX: The pool ices up around him: trapping him.


PANEL ONE: The watery figure is forming

PANEL TWO: The figure becomes more defined. There are pronounced facial features. The curves become more feminine.

PANEL THREE: The figure is now flesh and blood. It is Arielle Thetis. Everything above her shoulders is visible and above water.

PANEL FOUR: Arielle gazes intensely at Zero. There is a look of longing in her eyes.

Arielle Thetis: You have grown considerably since we last enjoyed each other’s company.

PANEL FIVE: A close-up of Zero. His eyes illustrate his utter embracement.

Zero Moniker: That was years ago, Arielle. We have both experienced some growth.

PANEL SIX: Arielle blushes and smiles.

Arielle Thetis: Yes, we have more pressing matters to attend to.


PANEL ONE: Arielle stands up. Upward flow of water encircles her.

PANEL TWO: Arielle is now wearing a gown. She is standing on top of the water and facing Zero.

Arielle Thetis: Father thinks it is time to evolve your enlightenment.

PANEL THREE: Zero’s eyes show his shock and surprise. An upward flow encircles him.

Zero Moniker: This soon… your father thinks that I am ready?

PANEL FOUR: Zero is now wearing a kimono and standing on the pool’s surface.  He is holding Arielle’s hands. The pool is radiating and energy is emanating from it.

PANEL FIVE: White space to represent a blinding flash.


PANEL ONE (ONE-PAGE SPREAD): Zero and Arielle are in a loving embrace. Arielle’s eyes are closed and her head is resting on his chest. They are in a pool but the environment looks like the Versailles Chapel.


PANEL ONE: Arielle and Zero are gazing into each other’s eyes.

Arielle Thetis: Evolution is a painful process. Are you sure that you want to go through with it?

Zero Moniker: Yes… I am certain.

PANEL TWO: A watery tendril rises behind him.

PANEL THREE: It splits in two.

PANEL FOUR: The two tendrils ensnare his arms.

PANEL FIVE: The main tendril ensnares the rest of his body.

PANEL SIX: The tendrils become solid ice.


PANEL ONE: Arielle has her right hand extended towards Zero. Her hand is open. There is a golf ball-sized energy sphere in her palm.

Arielle Thetis: Your evolution begins now!

PANEL TWO: Arielle places the sphere into his forehead.

PANEL THREE: A close-up of his face. His eyes are pupil-less.

PANEL FIVE: Energy shoots out of his eyes.


PANEL ONE: Zero’s body is radiating and emitting energized particles.

PANEL TWO: The ice restraints disintegrate and the kimono dissolves from the heat.

PANEL THREE: Zero is levitating about the water with his hands extended.

PANEL FOUR: Bolts of energy shoot out of his hands.

PANEL FIVE: White space to represent a blinding flash.


PANEL ONE: Zero is in Zero Star form and ripples are emanating from it.

PANEL TWO: The Zero Star starts to split.

PANEL THREE: There are two Zero Stars now.

PANEL FOUR: The twin Zero Stars start to split.

PAGE 10:

PANEL ONE: The four Zero Stars are in a baseball diamond formation.

PANEL TWO: A baseball-size sphere of pulsating energy is in the center.

PANEL THREE: The sphere is growing and the surroundings are striking around it.

PANEL FOUR: A close-up of Arielle Thetis. She is shielding her eyes because of the radiance and there is a smile on her face.

Arielle Thetis: You did it! Your evolution is so beautiful!

Page 11:

PANEL ONE (ONE-PAGE SPREAD): Zero’s complete evolution now looks like Red super giant with four Zero Stars in its orbits. It takes up a large portion of the room. Arielle is twice the size of its satellites.

PAGE 12:

PANEL ONE: A close-up of the central sphere.

Zero Moniker: Such power is like ecstasy. I feel a greater connection with the universe.

PANEL TWO: The Zero Universe starts to pulsate.

PANEL THREE: The Zero Universe reverts back to the Zero Star.

PANEL FOUR: The Zero Star transforms back into the man.

PANEL FIVE: Zero is levitating above the pool.

PAGE 13:

PANEL ONE: Zero falls into the pool.

PANEL TWO: Zero is floating on the surface with his face towards the ceiling.

PANEL THREE: A close-up of Zero’s face. His eyes convey his exhaustion and his contentment.

Zero Moniker: Is this how you feel every time you evolve?

PANEL FOUR: Arielle cradles Zero in her arms and looks loving at him.

Arielle Thetis: Yes, it is the continuation and enhancement of the enlightenment bliss.

PAGE 14:

PANEL ONE: The water around them begins to glow.

PANEL TWO: White space to represent a blinding flash.

PANEL THREE: They are back in the bathhouse.

PANEL FOUR: Arielle helps Zero to the edge of the pool. The upward flow of water still surrounds her.

PAGE 15:

PANEL ONE (ONE-PAGE SPREAD): Zero and Arielle are at the edge of the pool. Zero has his left arm around her shoulders. His other arm is sprawled over the edge. Arielle has her head resting on his chest. Arielle’s eyes are closed. Zero’s eyes convey his bliss.



No Name Anthologies: Script #3

No Name Anthologies: Issue #3

“Jingoistic Reject”

1st draft 11/23/06

By “Senor Geekus”



Samuel Anthony Revere: The failed test subject of the Vietnam Post Human Initiative turned career criminal. He has an extremely muscular built, a cross between Marv from Sin City and Dog Chapman the bounty hunter. He is dressed in a dapper suit.


Shango: A renowned Post Human cyborg bounty hunter. He’s of African Descent. He looks like Leonard Roberts, but a lot more muscular. He has a scar running down his face. He wears a black wife beater, army pants and combat boots.



PANEL ONE: An overhead view of the Las Vegas.

PANEL TWO: A close-up of a seedy bar with a sign that reads “Fish Monger’s”.

PANEL THREE: The bar is crowded. The patrons are the surly criminal type.

PANEL FOUR: Zero is at a table in the company of four beautiful women. One girl resembles Natalie Raitano. One resembles Kristin Kreuk.  One resembles Meagan Good. The last resembles Gloria Velez. They are dressed in the current trendy style.

PANEL FIVE: A close-up of Zero’s eyes. They convey excitement and enjoyment.


PANEL ONE: Revere bursts through the bar door. Splinters are flying.

PANEL TWO: The patrons are visible shaken.

PANEL THREE: A close-up of Revere. His teeth are clenched and there is a murderous look in his eyes.

Revere: What the Hell do you think you’re doing with my girls!!

PANEL FOUR: A close-up of Zero’s face.

Zero Moniker: I thought that I would show them that a real man is like.

Zero Moniker: All those muscles don’t compensate for what they really need.

PANEL FIVE: Revere pulverizes a near-by table.

Revere: No prissy conservative puke is going to come to my bar, take my women and insult my manhood and LIVE!


PANEL ONE: Zero blasts him through the wall. The back of Zero’s head is in view. The beams hits Revere in his midsection.

Revere: Oooof

PANEL TWO: Revere is slammed into a parked 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee

PANEL THREE: Revere gets up and dusts off suit. He has a grin on his face.

Revere: Seems like you have a pair, boy!

PANEL FOUR: Revere rips out a lamppost and swings it at Moniker. There are speed lines as he swings.

PANEL FIVE: A close-up of Zero’s face. There is shock in his eyes.

Zero Moniker: Why is he so quick?


PANEL ONE: It stops inches away from Zero. An electrical glow surrounds it.

PANEL TWO: Revere is struggling with the lamppost.

Revere: What the devil just happened here?

PANEL THREE: Revere fires an optical laser beam at Moniker.

PANEL FOUR: Zero blocks the beam with his force field. His hands are stretched out in front of him.

PANEL FIVE: Revere swings the lamppost and it connects. It catches him on his left shoulder.


PANEL ONE: Zero is hurled towards the traffic light.

PANEL TWO: Zero spins himself like a top.

PANEL THREE: Zero lands on his feet about 15 feet away from Revere.

PANEL FOUR: Zero is facing the reader. A barrage of energy bullets are coming from his head.

PANEL FIVE: A close-up of Revere’s eyes. His left eyebrow is raised. His eyes illustrates his shock

Revere: Looks I just stepped in it!


PANEL ONE: The barrage hits Revere.

PANEL TWO: Revere stands with his arms crossed. His suit is seriously damaged, but his skin is undamaged.

Revere: Boy, I received a few more upgrades since I left Uncle Sam. I doubt I can still be grouped with you baseline types.

PANEL THREE: A close-up of Zero’s head and his secondary eyes are focused on Revere and glowing.

PANEL FOUR: An X-Ray view of Revere. His skeletal structure is mechanical.

PANEL FIVE: Revere is grinning like a Cheshire cat.

Revere: Guess that now my secret is out of the bag… there’s no need for me to hold back.


PANEL ONE: Revere lunges at Moniker. Speed lines come off Revere as he lunges.

PANEL TWO: He jabs Moniker in the jaw.


PANEL THREE: The punch sends Zero flying through the bar window. Speed lines come off Zero as he flies into the Window.

PANEL FOUR: A bike similar to the one Kaneda drove in Akira crashes into Revere.

PANEL FIVE: Revere slams into a parked bus.

PANEL SIX: The bus explodes.


PANEL ONE (ONE-PAGE SPREAD): Shango is standing grabbing his fist. He has a serious P.O.ed look on his face. The civilians around him are in shock and awe.


PANEL ONE: Revere emerges from the wreckage relatively unharmed. The fire has burnt off his hair.

PANEL TWO: A close-up of Revere’s grinning face.

Revere: So the runt called his big brother to fight his battles.

PANEL THREE: Shango picks up a Dodge Charger and hurls it at Revere.

PANEL FOUR: Revere smacks the car away.

PANEL FIVE: The car is heading towards the helpless onlookers.

PANEL SIX: Shango speeds before them and destroys the car with an optical beam.

PAGE 10:

PANEL ONE: Revere speeds towards Shango and punches him in his gut.

PANEL TWO: A close-up of Shango’s fists grabbing Revere’s arms.

PANEL THREE: Shango throws him into the air.

PANEL FOUR: A close-up of Shango’s eyes flashing.

PANEL FIVE: Shango fires another optical beam at the airborne Revere. The reader sees the back of Shango’s head and the beams traveling upwards.

PAGE 11:

PANEL ONE: Revere dodges the beam.

PANEL TWO: Revere speeds towards the Earth bound Shango.

PANEL THREE: Revere’s eyes flashes and he grins insanely.

PANEL FOUR: He crashes into Shango at full force.

PANEL FIVE: The scenery is covered with a cloud of smoke and dust.


PAGE 12:

PANEL ONE (ONE-PAGE SPREAD): There is a huge crater in the middle of the street. Revere is holding an unconscious Shango with his left hand. His right hand is raised in preparation for delivering the death blow.

PAGE 13:

PANEL ONE: Revere recoils his right hand ready to decapitate Shango.

PANEL TWO: An electrical glow surrounds his fist.

PANEL THREE: A close-up of Revere’s eyes. He is complete shock.

Revere: Wh… What is going on here?

PANEL FOUR: Electrical glow now surrounds his entire body.

PANEL FIVE: Electrical energy surges through his body.

PAGE 14:

PANEL ONE: Zero is now in front of him. Zero’s suit is a bit worst for wear.

PANEL TWO: Revere is grinning.

Revere: So the wimp is back in the game. I thought that my jab would have obliterated a pencil neck like you.

PANEL THREE: Zero glares at Revere with both sets of eyes.

Zero Moniker: It will take more than a cretin like you to awaken me!

PANEL FOUR: Zero’s secondary eyes are glowing.

Zero Moniker: I will now enlighten you.

PAGE 15:

PANEL ONE: Zero and Revere on eye level. An energy wave is leaving Zero’s secondary eye and entering Revere’s eyes.

PANEL TWO: Revere’s eyes close and he falls unconscious.

PANEL THREE: Revere awakens tied to a stake with chains.

PANEL FOUR: A legion of Zeros holding spears stand before Revere.

PANEL FIVE: A close-up of Revere screaming in agony.

PAGE 16:

PANEL ONE: Revere is in a fetal position sobbing.

PANEL TWO: Shango is emerging from the crater.

PANEL THREE: Shango’s face conveys his utter shock.

PANEL FOUR: Shango and Zero are face to face.

Shango: What did you do to him?

Zero Moniker: I gave him a little taste of Tartarus.

Shango: …

PANEL FIVE: Shango’s eyes convey intense fear and dread.

PAGE 17:

PANEL ONE: Zero points to the traumatized Revere. He is facing the reader.

Zero Moniker: You can take him. He has been enlightened so he’s all yours.

PANEL TWO: Shango binds Revere with chains.

PANEL THREE: Shango places a large hi-tech collar around Revere’s neck.

PANEL FOUR: Shango hoists Revere over his right shoulder.

PANEL FIVE: Shango holds out his left hand and gives a thumb up.

Shango: Thank you

PAGE 18:

PANEL ONE: Zero is standing by himself. His jacket is blowing in the wind and his hands are in his pocket.

PANEL TWO: The four women are walking towards him.

PANEL THREE: Zero has his arms around their shoulders as they walk towards the casino area.

PANEL FOUR: A close-up of Zero’s face. He has a look of contentment in his eyes.

Zero Moniker: I will make amends for the abysmal day.



No Name Anthologies: Script #2

No Name Anthologies: Issue #2

“Fight Night”

1st draft 11/20/06

By “Senor Geekus”



The Children of Ares: An assassin cult whose members are adept in Chanpurū, a hybrid fighting style that incorporates close quarters combat, Ki manipulation, Spetsnaz Sambo, and taijutsu.  They have the lean and athletic martial artist body. They are dressed in a jet black Kāṣāya.

Mordred: The leader of the Children. He is a mature man in his 60’s. His body is lean and in shape. Visually he resembles Patrick Stewart with a devilish goatee.  He wears a white Kāṣāya with long paper beads wrapped around his arms which he uses as weapons


Agent Doe: The typical man in black. Visually he resembles Agent Smith. He has a mustache and his hair is blond.



PANEL ONE: Zero is walking down Central Park with his hands in his pocket. There is an evening sky in the horizon.

PANEL TWO: A Child emerges from a puff of smoke (similar to how a ninja appears and disappears using smoke) in front of Zero.

PANEL THREE: Zero and the Child are facing each other.

Child: Moniker, I have been sent to end your life.

Zero Moniker: I am already asleep. I desire to be awakened!

PANEL FOUR: The Child assumes a fighting stance and there is a look of anger in his face. Child: Then you will be awakened with pain!

PANEL FIVE: Zero shrugs. There is an apathetic look in his eyes.

Zero Moniker: You are welcome to try, but Morpheus’ hold is strong.


PANEL ONE: The Child leaps towards Zero.

PANEL TWO: He performs a drop kick.

PANEL THREE: Zero evades the kick, leaving speed lines similar to the Flash as he moves. Phantom is radiating a white glow.

PANEL FOUR: Zero unleashes an electrical bolt. The bolt hits the Child’s midsection. Zero is facing the child and the Child’s back is in view.

PANEL FIVE: The Child crashes through several trees.


PANEL ONE: The Child is getting up. His white uniform is bloody. There is a look of sheer rage in his face.

PANEL TWO: The Child is resumes the stance.

PANEL THREE: A close-up Zero’s mask. It glowing more radiant.

PANEL FOUR: A larger electrical bolt hitting the Child.

PANEL FIVE: The Child’s uniform is charred and his skin is blistered.

The Child: The Children of Ares do not fight alone. I will not be the last.


PANEL ONE: Six Children of Ares materialize before Zero.

PANEL TWO: Close-up of the Eldest Child. His eyes emit a murderous glare.

Eldest Child: You dare injure our brother! You will pay most dearly!

PANEL THREE: Their eyes flash crimson with murderous intent as they assume the stance.

PANEL FOUR: Fiery aura emanate from their bodies.


PANEL ONE: The Children begin their attack by pouncing on him

PANEL TWO: Zero leaps away in an attempt to avoid them. The same speed lines are seen.

PANEL THREE: A Child grabs Zero’s foot

PANEL FOUR: Close-up of Zero’s face. There is a look of shock in Zero’s eyes.

Zero Moniker: H… How is this possible??

PANEL FIVE: Zero is thrown violently to the ground.

PANEL SIX: Zero gets up and straightens his wrinkled suit.


PANEL ONE: The Children have him surrounded.

PANEL TWO: White Space because Zero unleashed a blinding flash of light

PANEL THREE: The Children are grabbing their eyes in pain.  Zero is standing in their midst, calm.

The Children: Arrghh!! Brother we are blind!

Eldest Child: That coward uses tricks!

PANEL FOUR: Zero knocks them with a kinetic shockwave. The shockwave should resemble a circular ripple effect.

PANEL FIVE: Three of the Children flying to the right.

PANEL SIX: The remaining children flying to the left.


PANEL ONE (ONE-PAGE SPREAD): Zero is standing calmly with his hands in his pocket. His surrounding resembles a war zone. Trees are broken. The Children are lying unconscious and broken. The ground around Zero is scorched.


PANEL ONE: Zero is surveying the damage. Speed lines are moving towards him.

PANEL TWO: Mordred appears behind Zero.

Mordred: So my Children could not awaken the dreamer. You will not fare so well against me!

PANEL THREE: A close-up of Zero’s eyes. His pupil shrinks from disbelief and complete shock.

PANEL FOUR: Mordred assumes the stance.

PANEL FIVE: Mordred kicks him in his back. There is a fiery aura around his leg.

PANEL SIX: The move launches Zero into the air.


PANEL ONE: Zero soars at an accelerated rate. He is unable to move because of the force of the kick.

PANEL TWO: Mordred appears in the air.

PANEL THREE: Mordred strikes him in his chest. The same fiery aura is around his fist.

PANEL FOUR: Zero plummeting to the ground below.

PAGE 10:

PANEL ONE: Close-up of Zero falling. His eyes flash.

PANEL: TWO: Zero spins himself.

PANEL THREE: Zero lands on his feet.

PANEL FOUR: Mordred appears before him.

PANEL FIVE: Zero fires a photonic blast. The blast resembles a crescent moon.

PANEL SIX: Mordred evades the attack.

PAGE 11:

PANEL ONE: Zero leaps into the air. His body is radiating.

PANEL TWO: Zero has become the Zero Star.

PANEL THREE: The sky is electrified with the Zero Star’s power.

PANEL FOUR: Five electrical bolts descend towards Mordred.

PANEL FIVE: He evades them with flips.

PAGE 12:

PANEL ONE: Mordred assumes the stance.

PANEL TWO: The Zero Star appears in front of him.

PANEL THREE: Mordred is covered with an electrical glow.

PANEL FOUR: A close-up of Mordred’s eye. They burn red with murderous intent.

Mordred: Do you really think that this will defeat me boy?

PANEL FIVE: A fiery aura flows from his body and dispels the electrical glow.

PANEL SIX: Mordred resumes the stance.

PAGE 13:

PANEL ONE (ONE-PAGE SPREAD): Mordred is surrounded by a more powerful aura.  The ground around him is being destroyed and there is a ripple effect. The Zero Star is distorted by the ripples.

PAGE 14:

PANEL ONE: Zero is on his knees clutching his head. His eyes convey his shock and pain.

Zero Moniker: This is not possible! No one can undo my enlightenment!

PANEL TWO: Mordred appears behind him. His hand is raised to deliver a deathblow.

PANEL THREE: A close-up of his face. He is still in shock and pain.

Phantom: Compose yourself or you will be awakened!

PANEL FOUR: There are speed lines. Mordred hits the vacant spot; leaving a small crater in the ground.

PANEL FIVE: Zero is back to his default apathetic stance with his hands in his pocket.

PAGE 15:

PANEL ONE: Zero fires three more photonic blasts.

PANEL TWO: Mordred leaps to evade them.

PANEL THREE: Zero fires an electrical bolt.

PANEL FOUR: Mordred performs a corkscrew spin to avoid it.

PANEL FIVE: A close-up of Mordred loosening the prayer beads on his arms.

PAGE 16:

PANEL ONE: He ensnares Zero with the beads.

Mordred: This is your wake up call, dreamer!

PANEL TWO: He swings Zero into a nearby tree.

Zero Moniker: Arrgghhh

PANEL THREE: He slams Zero into the ground.

PANEL FOUR: He whips Zero up into the air.

PANEL FIVE: A close-up of Zero’s face. His right eye is closed and bruised. His left eye burns with determination.

PANEL SIX: A close-up of Zero’s hands clutching the beads. His hands are glowing.

PAGE 17:

PANEL ONE: A view of Zero still in midair and Mordred on the ground holding the beads.

PANEL TWO: A close-up of the bead. The glow travels down the beads.

PANEL THREE: The energy encircles Mordred.

PANEL FOUR: The energy engulfs him and he appears to be electrocuted as the power surges through him.

PANEL FIVE: Zero is removing the beads. His eyes convey his tiredness. His suit is torn and bloodied.

Zero Moniker: The dream came close to ending.

PANEL SIX: Mordred is on ground unconscious. His clothes are charred and there is smoke rising from his burnt flesh.

PAGE 18:

PANEL ONE: The battle scene is flooded with FBI agents.

PANEL TWO: The Children are on stretchers and being loaded in ambulances.

PANEL THREE: Zero Moniker is on park bench exhausted.

PANEL FOUR: Agent Doe is approaching Moniker.

Agent Doe: Mr. Moniker, the FBI would like to thank you for apprehending these extremists.

PANEL FIVE: Zero Moniker gives him a “thumbs up”.

Zero Moniker: Uncle Sam knows how to thank me.

PANEL SIX: Zero is sprawled over on the same bench.

Zero Moniker: Phantom, have you devised a method to deal with fighter types?

Phantom: Yes, another incident like this will not occur!

Zero Moniker: Thank Logic. I don’t think that I could take another beating like that.



My abandoned comic book idea: 1st script

I used professional scripts posted by writers like Warren Ellis, Brian K. Vaughan, and Christos Gage (mainly his format) as guides when I first attempted to put my ideas on paper.  Unfortunately, my muse never returned after I wrote the first 4 scripts. I know the ideas of derivative (in the Quentin Tarantino vein of mashing every loved source idea into a blend), I thought Zero Moniker had potential. Enough of my rambling, here is the script.


No Name Anthologies: Issue #1

“Man versus Machine 2.0”

1st draft 11/16/06

By “Senor Geekus)



Zero Moniker: African American, mid 20’s. He’s average height around 5’8. His eyes are golden and have glint of nobility. He is the technological analogue to a medieval magician/alchemist/shaman. He is slim and lanky similar to the thin magicians that populate RPG’s and D&D. He lacks the build of a fighter/ athlete. He is “cursed” with Phantom, scientifically advanced helmet (along the lines of Fourth World/new gods technology). Phantom resembles a cross between Dr. Fate’s Helm and a Vizard-style Hollow Mask. It has a pair of golden eyes similar to the Guyver’s secondary eyes.  It generates perpetual energy that he manipulates offensively and defensively.  He wears a suit in a disheveled manner similar to Spike Spiegel but suit is white, the tie is black and the shirt is red.  He wears black stylized Getas instead of shoes.


The Misanthrope: A brilliant yet eccentric engineer/inventor/zealot; he favors machines over humanity. His mind is a viral consciousness; he can inhabit any electronic device. He possesses the XS Reaper, an experimental Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle.  He is armed with Joint Direct Attack Munitions.  It has an ethereal appearance; its body is jet black and sleek like the classical Grim Reaper’s robe.  A fleet of six MH-53 Pave Lows are also under his control.


United States Special Operations Command Representative: She is dressed like Catherine Bell’s character in Jag. Facially, she resembles Rachel Bilson.


PANEL ONE: The XS Reaper soaring through a clear sky.

PANEL TWO: There are six MH-53 Pave Lows in front of the Reaper in a V formation.

PANEL THREE: A close-up view of their armaments. 2 .50 caliber (12.7 mm) machine guns mounted on left and right sides and one on the nose.


PANEL ONE: A coastline view of an iconic metropolitan city.

PANEL TWO: A scanning view of the city with technological analysis similar to the T-800/T-850 analyzing its target. The city is essential devoid of life, except a solitary life signal on a nearby roof

PANEL THREE: An aerial view of the target building. It is a modern skyscraper with a dash of gothic style with gargoyles adorning it

PANEL FOUR: Zooms in on a human figure standing on a building’s roof.


PANEL ONE (ONE-PAGE SPREAD): Zero Moniker is standing on a gargoyle with his arms crossed. There is a displeased/irritated look in his eyes. His suit jacket is flapping in the wind.

Zero Moniker: Things like this always happens on a Monday.


PANEL ONE: The two Lows at the edge of the formation leave to confront Moniker.

PANEL TWO: A cockpit view of Moniker. The Low’s target screen is also seen

PANEL THREE: The Lows unleash a barrage of bullets. Moniker’s stance has no changed.

PANEL FOUR: A third person view of Zero. The bullets are held in place a few feet in front of him. The bullets give off an electrical glow.


PANEL ONE: A close-up of Zero’s eyes. They convey a mixture of indifference and annoyance.

Zero Moniker: This bores me…

PANEL TWO: The bullets change direction. They give off a stronger glow.

PANEL THREE: The bullets are fired back at the Lows.

PANEL FOUR: The Lows explode as the barrage penetrates their fuel tanks.


PANEL ONE: The remaining Lows assume an attack formation.

PANEL TWO: The smoking wreckage of the Lows is held in place by the same electrical glow.

PANEL THREE: The wreckage is sent crashing in the two leading Lows.

PANEL FOUR: There is an enormous fireball. The flying debris damages the remaining copters.

PANEL ONE: A close-up of Zero, there is a hint of amusement in his eyes. A bright celestial aura is emitted from him.

Zero Moniker: These toys are not challenge.


PANEL ONE (ONE-PAGE SPREAD): Zero Moniker is almost in pseudo meditation stance. The aura around him is more intense and two tendrils of light are forming from it. The tendrils are jagged

Zero Moniker: And then there was one…


PANEL ONE: The tendrils impale the remaining Lows.

PANEL TWO: They explode and debris comes towards Reaper.

PANEL THREE: The Reaper is glowing white hot.

PANEL FOUR: The debris bounces harmlessly off the field

PANEL FIVE: A close-up of Zero’s eye. There is a look of disappointment in his eyes.


PANEL ONE: The XS and Zero are face-to-“face”. The Reaper’s face in view and Zero’s back is in view.

PANEL TWO: A close up of the Reaper’s launchers.

PANEL THREE: Nova missiles being launched.

PANEL FOUR: A bird’s eye view of 8 missiles heading towards Moniker. Moniker is looking up at the missiles.

Zero Moniker: The things that I do for a couple of million dollars.

PAGE 10:

PANEL ONE: A third person view of Moniker, mainly his shoulder and everything above it. A fiery aura is emanating from him.

PANEL TWO: Eight fiery pillars emerge from his head and destroy the Nova Missiles.

PANEL THREE: 2 of the pillars destroy the Reaper’s launchers.

The Misanthrope: You wretched hairless ape! You destroyed my vassals! Now you dare attack me!

PANEL FOUR: A close-up of Zero’s face: his eyes convey his curiosity.

Zero Moniker: This day just gets stranger and stranger….

PANEL FIVE: The XS begins to glow blue. Smoke is being emitting from its damaged underside.

The Misanthrope: Flesh Bag, you attempt to mock me as well?!

PAGE 11:

PANEL ONE: It vanishes from sight. Zero’s body conveys his shock. His arms are no longer crossed. His secondary eyes are moving independently searching. His stance is looser.

Zero: There is no salvaging this day…

PANEL TWO: An aerial view of the XS about 100 feet above Moniker.

The Misanthrope: I will make an example of you, meat thing.

PANEL THREE: A third person view of the XS. Its “head” is glowing white hot and electrical energy is surging through it.

PANEL FOUR: Zero is looking up at the Misanthrope. His arms are once again crossed. A white aura is coming off his head. There is a look of disdain in his eyes.

Zero Moniker: Time to end this now.

PANEL FIVE: A massive energy beam is coming towards Zero.

PANEL SIX: An aerial view of the roof exploding. It should resemble a smaller version of the Hiroshima explosion.

The Misanthrope: Fool, this will be the fate of mankind!

PAGE 12:

PANEL ONE: A billow of smoke and ember are rising from the charred roof.

PANEL TWO: The smoke is clearing up and there are glimpses of a blue translucent dome within.

PANEL THREE: Full view of Zero behind his protective field. His stance has not changed. The area around the field is gone.

Zero Moniker: You shouldn’t judge others by your preconceptions.

PANEL FOUR: Zero’s entire body emits a bright almost blinding light.

PANEL FIVE: His body is radiant and showing hints of size condensing.

PANEL SIX: His body is taking on a more spherical shape.

PAGE 13:

PANEL ONE (ONE-PAGE SPREAD): Moniker is now a miniature blue star hovering above the ruins of the roof. It is approximately the size of a basket ball.

Zero Moniker: Now you will suffer for your mistake.

PAGE 14:

PANEL ONE: The Zero Star is now above the Reaper. The Reaper is exuding the same aura.

PANEL TWO: An intense electrical glow encases the Reaper.

Misanthrope: Filthy fleshy being, what are you doing to me?!

PANEL THREE: A close-up of the Zero Star.

Zero Moniker: I am awakening you to enlightenment.

PANEL FOUR: A massive surge of electricity flows through the Reaper.

PANEL FIVE: The Zero Star descends to the street with the Reaper in tow. The Reaper is encased in the electrical glow.

PAGE 15:

PANEL ONE: Zero Moniker is in human form again and the radiance is fading. He is sitting on the Reaper’s roof.

PANEL TWO: A clean-up team arrives. They clad in the suits that are a cross between HAZMAT suits and Solid Snake’s sneaking suit.  There are 2 cranes and a heavy transport truck.

PANEL THREE: The cranes load the Raptor into the truck.

PANEL FOUR: The clean-up team leaves.

PAGE 16:

PANEL ONE: A UH-60 Black Hawk descends from the sky.

PANEL TWO: It lands in front of Zero.

PANEL THREE: An attractive young woman in a military uniform exits and approaches Zero.

The Representative: Mr. Moniker, SOCOM would like to thank you for a job well done.

PANEL FOUR: They are within arm’s length and they shake hands.

Zero Moniker: It was a pleasure to doing business with Uncle Sam again.

PAGE 17:

PANEL ONE: Zero is walking back to the Black Hawk with the rep.

PANEL TWO: The rep boards the Black Hawk.

PANEL THREE: The Black Hawk takes off. The sky has more clouds and the sun is setting.

PANEL FOUR: A close-up of the rep’s face. She is gazing deeply at Zero. Her eyes convey admiration.

PAGE 18:

PANEL ONE: A close-up of Zero’s head.

Zero Moniker: Phantom, what is the status?

Phantom: The Misanthrope’s essence has been assimilated.

Zero Moniker: The mission is indeed a success.

Phantom: Yes, I have learned that misguided fool’s techniques

PANEL TWO: Full body view of Zero. His body is radiating again,

PANEL THREE: The Zero Star is flies off.