Lisa Marie’s 100th Post!!!!!!! (She’s really excited…)

Hi there and welcome to my 100th post here on Through the Shattered Lens! 

First off, the picture above is me in the role of Lillith and was created by my sister Erin after I told her about a dream I had in which I was a succubus.  The dream is probably best forgotten but I love the picture.

Anyway, I’ve spent a lot of time obsessing over what would be an appropriate subject for my 100th post.  I’ve always been very good at obsessing.  I’d say that it’s right up there with taking dictation when it comes to things I do well.  Unfortunately, Obsessing doesn’t always look good on a resume but such is life … okay, sorry.  Having an ADD moment.  Where was I?  Oh yeah, my 100th post.

I considered writing about how 2010 should properly be known as the Year of the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.  I also thought about just using it as the latest installment of Lisa Marie’s Favorite Grindhouse and Exploitation Trailers.  And then I thought maybe I’d have a little fun with Arleigh by writing up a quickie review of the old school disaster film, Earthquake.  See, Arleigh lives off in San Francisco and I live in Texas and he’s kinda been all up in my face lately about how his team apparently beat my team in some sporting event and I was like, “Okay, I’ll just write a movie review about San Francisco getting destroyed in an orgy of cinematic mayhem.”  But then I thought some more and I realized I’d be kinda upset if California floated away with Arleigh on it. 

(Add to that, Earthquake doesn’t actually take place in San Francisco and oh my God, it is such a BORING movie!)

However, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that there really was only one thing that I truly wanted to do with my 100th post.

I just wanted to say thank you.

There are two things in my life that have betrayed me, never hurt me, and have never failed to bring me happiness: writing and watching movies.  This site has given me the opportunity to do both and for that I will always be so very grateful and appreciative.

For that, I say thank you to Arleigh for not only starting this site but also taking the risk of inviting me to come over and telling me to write about whatever I wanted.  I have to admit that I was nervous when I first posted 10 Reasons Why I Hated Avatar but Arleigh not only allowed me to do so but he actually allowed me to continue posting afterward.  That’s a lot of faith to put into someone you met on twitter and to him, I say thank you for giving me the opportunity and I hope I’ve come close to justifying your faith.

And I also have to say thank you to my fellow writers.  Necromoonyeti and Pantsukudasai56 have introduced me to new worlds of music and anime respectively while SenorGeekus’s undead series idea continues to haunt me. 

Most importantly, I have to thank those of you who have read my previous 99 posts.  I hope that you’ve found something to enjoy in at least a few of them.  And if you haven’t — well, go back and read them again.  I mean seriously — 100 posts.  Surely, I’ve said at least one clever thing somewhere in all of that.

So, regardless of whether you’re a fellow grindhouse/exploitation fan or a lover of Italian horror or a fellow Jean Rollin devotee or one of those people who keeps doing google searches for Lisa Marie Bowman boobs or just someone who stumbled across something I wrote by accident, thank you for reading.  I hope you enjoyed the first 100 and I hope the next 100 will be just as good.

Anyway, in closing, here’s a picture of me being all Black Swan-like.  Can’t wait until that movie comes out…