6 Classic Trailers For Loyalty & Law Day!

Since today is both Loyalty and Law Day here in the United States, it’s time for a special edition of Lisa Marie’s Grindhouse Trailers!

  1. The Super Cops (1974)

So, you think you can just ignore the law, huh?  Well, the Super Cops have got something to say about that!  This film was based on the “true” adventures of two widely decorated NYPD cops.  The cops were so good at their job that they were even nicknamed Batman and Robin.  Of course, long after this movie came out, it was discovered that they were both corrupt and were suspected of having committed more crimes than they stopped.  Amazingly, this film was directed by the same man who did Shaft.  The Super Cops are kind of annoying, to be honest.

2. Super Fuzz (1980)

Far more likable than The Super Cops was Super Fuzz.  Terence Hill plays a Florida cop who gets super powers!  Ernest Borgnine is his hapless partner.  The film was directed by Sergio Corbucci, of Django fame.

3. Miami Supercops (1985)

In 1985, Terence Hill returned as a Florida cop in Miami Supercops.  This time, his old partner Bud Spencer accompanied him.

4. Miami Cops (1989)

Apparently, Miami needed a lot of cops because Richard Roundtree decided to join the force in 1989.  Unfortunately, I could only find a copy of this trailer in German but I think you’ll still get the idea.

5. The Soldier (1982)

In order to celebrate loyalty, here’s the trailer for 1982’s The Soldier!  They’re our government’s most guarded secret …. or, at least, they were.  Then someone made a movie about them.

And finally, what better way to celebrate both Loyalty and Law Day than with a film that pays tribute to the Molokai Cops?  From Andy Sidaris, it’s….

6. Hard Ticket To Hawaii (1987)

Happy May Day!

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