Non-Fiction Book Review: Killer Cops by Michael Newton

The late Michael Newton was quite a prolific author, publishing a total 357 books, which included 258 novels and 99 nonfiction books.  His novels were largely pulp paperbacks, the types with the covers that my sister often features here on the Shattered Lens.  His non-fiction was largely made up of encyclopedias concerning unsolved crimes, serial killers, conspiracies, and that sort of thing.  I own quite a few of this encyclopedias.  He was a good writer with a good knowledge of the macabre.

Killer Cops takes a look at men and women who took an oath to uphold the law but who then turned around and committed the worst crime of all.  Some of the people profiled in this book were serial killers who hid their crimes behind the badge.  Some were cops were just snapped one day.  Some were obviously crooked while others had spotless records.  Some of them were punished for their crimes.  Some of them are still revered for being justice to the frontier.  It makes for interesting and disturbing reading.  For the aspiring horror, thriller or crime fiction writer, Killer Cops is full of potential inspiration.   If there’s an overriding theme to the book, it’s that those in authority should be held to a higher standard and that certainly includes the police.  The killer cops portrayed in this book thought they could hide behind the badge and the uniform and, sadly, a few of them were right.  Newton warns against idealizing or blindly trusting anyone in authority, saying that it’s the individual’s action that matter more than the uniform they wear or the badge that they carry.

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