Great Moments In Television History #13: The A-Team Premieres

39 years ago today, television viewers who were watching NBC primetime met a group of four former members of the Special Forces who, during the Vietnam War, were framed for a crime they didn’t commit.

The pilot for the A-Team first aired on January 23rd, 1983.  No one had much hope for the pilot, with the exception of star George Peppard who predicted the show would be a hit as soon as he read the script.  Producer Stephen J. Cannell hadn’t had a hit in a while.  When Cannell was hired by NBC, network president Brandon Tartikoff asked for one thing: “Mr. T driving a car.”

Despite what the critics thought and despite the skepticism of the network brass, The A-Team was an immediate success.  Audiences loved the four misfits who somehow always managed to win the day despite Face’s womanizing, Murdock’s insanity, and B.A.’s fear of flying.  A week after the pilot aired, the show’s first regular episode was broadcast directly after the Super Bowl.  The rest is history.

If you have a problem, the A-Team can help.  You just have to find them.

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