Game Review: Codex Sadistica (2021, grave snail games)

Codex Sadistica is an entrant in 2021 Interactive Fiction competition.  Browse and experience all of the games by clicking here.

Finally!  You and your heavy mental band are scheduled to perform at Blood Furnace!  But what’s this!?  The Infurnal Stage (as it’s called) has been taken over by a glam metal band and they’re playing over their allotted time!  They’re not only eating into your set but they’re spreading glam!  Can you track down the other members of your band, pull them away from their distractions, and save metal?  You can if you try and if you remember that there’s no problem that can’t be solved by jamming!

Codex Sadistica is an enjoyable text adventure.  The Blood Furnace was a memorable location and the members of your band were all well-developed.  Some of the puzzles took some effort but none of them were impossible and the game comes with a walk-through in case you get stuck.  Not surprisingly, this game will be most enjoyed by people who know about the metal scene and are familiar with all of the different subsets but the writing is clever and witty enough that I think even people who cover their ears whenever they hear a screech guitar will be able to enjoy it.  Be sure to jam with every member of your band.  As the game goes on, you find new ways to jam and each style that you play will have a different effect on the people listening.

Play Codex Sadistica.

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