Horror Scenes That I Love: “Oh No! Not Like This!” from Sharktopus

Today’s horror scene that I love (and the inaugural entry in this year’s collection of Horrothon scenes) comes from the 2010 film, Sharktopus!  And here it is:

A lot of people have made fun of this scene over the years but put yourself in the shoes of this unfortunate painter.  Here you are.  You’re just doing your job.  You’re painting the side of a boat.  It’s not glamorous work.  It probably doesn’t pay very well.  But you’re doing your best and you’re collecting a paycheck and you’re taking care of your family.  It hasn’t always been easy.  When you first got out of prison, you never thought you’d be able to find a job.  Everyone wanted to do a background check.  Your parole officer kept busting your ass.  You were tempted to go back into a life of crime.  You kept thinking about the old crew and wondering if they were still hanging out on the street corners, murking and doing time.  But then the boat painting people said, “We know you’ve had some problems.  But you’re damn good with a paint brush.”

And then suddenly, this happens.  You wanted to die surrounded by your family.  You want your last words to be, “I did okay, didn’t I?”  Instead, you’re getting grabbed by an shark/octopus hybrid.  Who wants to die that way?  “Oh no!  Not like this!” is one of the most honest lines in the history of horror cinema.  It perfectly captures the existential dread that one undoubtedly feels while being pulled into the ocean by a sharktopus.

Bravo, Sharktopus.  Bravo.

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