Cleaning Out The DVR: Malicious Motives (dir by Mike Hoy)

How far would you go to be popular?

Would you take a volunteer job at the hospital in an attempt to show everyone that you actually are a good person?

Would you lie about the terrible circumstances of your home life?

Would you try to become best friends with the most popular girl in school?

Would you donate an organ?

Would you….

Wait, what?  Yes, you read that correctly.  I did say, “Donate an organ.”  I realize that may sound somewhat extreme but that’s exactly what happens in the Lifetime film, Malicious Motives!  When Katie (Juliana Destefano) learns that the most popular girl in school, Ashley (Revell Carpenter), desperately needs a live transplant and that they share the same blood type, Katie agrees to be the donor!  They only problem is that, since Katie is a minor, she needs to get the permission of a parent or a legal guardian.  Unfortunately, her legal guardian is her trashy sister, Sasha (Briana Femia).  Knowing that Sasha will never agree, Katie forges Sasha’s name.

Yay!  The operation is a success!  Ashley is going to live and it looks like Katie has a new best friend!  However, when Sasha finds out that Katie donated part of her liver to someone else, Sasha is livid.  Katie lies and says that Ashley’s family is going to pay them for the transplant but that it’s going to take a few months for the money to go through because it’s like super illegal.  Sasha’s like, “Fine, just get the money!”  Katie starts to make plans to become a part of Ashley’s family….

Seriously, poor Katie!  I mean, Katie is technically the obsessive danger in this particular film but it’s still hard not to feel that life just hasn’t given her a fair chance.  She has absolutely the worst sister on the planet!  Not only does Sasha refuses to pick Katie up from the hospital but she also sells all of Katie’s pain killers!  Imagine trying to recover from a major surgery with no pain killers.  Making it even worse is that Sasha’s boyfriend, Brett (Conner Floyd), is a total perv who thinks that organ donation scars are totally hot.  AGCK!  You really can’t blame Katie for going a little bit overboard in her attempts to escape from that situation.

Still, donating an organ does seem like an extreme solution.  But, then again, this is a Lifetime film and a part of the fun of Lifetime is that everything’s extreme.  No one does the sensible thing, like calling the police.  Instead, they donate an organ and then try to force their way into someone else’s family.  The implausibility of it all is a part of the fun.  If you can’t embrace the melodrama, these films will never be for you,

Ultimately, what matters is that Juliana Destefano gives a good performance as the sympathetic but unhinged Katie while Briana Femia goes wonderfully over-the-top as the sister from Hell.  As I watched the film, I found myself appreciating my own sisters. They would never have treated me as badly as Sasha treated Katie.  I will always be thankful that, because of them, I made it through high school with all of my organs intact.

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