Artwork of the Day: Not So Funny (by Eric Stanton)

by Eric Stanton

Yeah, I don’t know what to make of it either.  I apologize to anyone who has a thing about clowns.  I guess Bozo married Wonder Woman but the marriage has hit a rough spot.  This book was first published in 1966.  The cover was done by Eric Stanton, who was responsible for some of the best and strangest covers to come out of the pulp era.

2 responses to “Artwork of the Day: Not So Funny (by Eric Stanton)

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  2. Bozo has hit hard times. It’s tough for clowns out there. People just arent in a laughing mood. To make matters worse, his girl Spider Woman has been distant recently. Is she spinning webs with another guy?
    Bozo has to take a job in Toledo, where people are just as unmoved by his comedy. After a particularly dire show, he makes a call to his girl, who has been dancing a one-woman spectacle in new orleans.
    “Its over, Bozo. You’re just not so funny anymore”
    It’s a sad day for clowns.

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