Artwork of the Day: Woman Chaser (by Jack Thurston)

by Jack Thurston

Woman Chaser was originally published in 1962.  It was authored by Robert Turner, who wrote several pulp novels.  In 1948, he also wrote a how-to book for writers who were interesting breaking into the pulp market.  I found a review of it over at Rough Edges.

The cover art was done by Jack Thurston, who I profiled on this site back in 2017.  Like a lot of pulp covers from the era, this cover suggests more than it shows.  We see a middle aged man necking with a dark-haired woman but we don’t know if the woman is Fay or Angie or maybe even Myrna, Monica, or Juanita.  I guess she could be any woman from Angie to Zelda.  This is a cover that says buy the book and start reading to find out what happens when that white shirt and black pants and blue negligee are all on the floor.

I also like the way that the blurb plays into moral panic.  It’s not a book about Jack’s inability to stay faithful.  Instead, it’s “a novel about threat of today’s other women!”

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