Game Review: BYOD (2020, n-n)

BYOD is an entrant in the 2020 Interactive Fiction Competition.  All of the entries can be browsed and played here.

You are a university student who has just been given an internship at a prestigious company.  You don’t know much about what the internship involves, you just know that you’re supposed to show up.  However, when you do show up, the secretary tells you that the person you’re supposed to meet is not there.  What do you do now?

BYOD is described as being a “micro interactive fiction” and that’s certainly the perfect way to put it.  This is a simple game that takes place in one room.  There’s really only one thing that you have to do to get the “okay” ending.  If you can figure out how to use your phone in the game, you’ll be fine.

However, if you want to get the “good” ending, you’ll have to be more observant of that room.  You’ll have to look at everything and put the clues together and eventually, you’ll get your chance to help out the secretary.  It’s all pretty simple but it was still emotionally satisfying to help someone out and get the good ending.

BYOD can be played here.

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