Cinemax Friday: Electra (1996, directed by Julian Grant)

No, this is not the terrible Electra film starring Jennifer Garner.  Instead, this the Electra where Shannon Tweed shoots lighting from her finger tips.

In this offering, Shannon Tweed plays Lorna, who is the stepmother of Billy (Joe Tabb).  Billy has a job cutting down trees.  He uses an axe instead of a chainsaw because no one does anything that makes sense in Electra.  Billy has a girlfriend named Mary Anne (Katie Griffin).  Lorna hates Mary Anne because Lorna wants Billy and, even if he won’t admit it, Billy wants Lorna too.

Billy is also the sole survivor of an experimental test group that was used to develop a super drug that can provide the people who take it with super strength.  Billy still takes the drug on a regular basis, though he doesn’t seem to really understand how it works.  He’s just in it for the super strength.

Marcus Roache (Sten Eirik) is an evil billionaire who is confined to a wheelchair.  He knows that, if he can get Billy’s super strength, he’ll be able to walk again and then he can use the powers to take over the world.  However, other than through taking the pills, the only way that Billy can pass on his powers is through sexual intercourse so Marcus sends two of his employees — Gina (Dyanne DiMarco) and Karen (Lara Daans) — to abduct Billy and seduce him.  Since Gina and Karen both wear leather dominatrix costumes, discretion is apparently not important.  Marcus hopes that Billy will impregnate one or both of them and they will give birth to a superbaby who will go on to father a super race that will work for Marcus.  When Billy manages to resist the best efforts of Gina and Karen, Marcus brings in his secret weapon, Lorna!  Lorna now dresses like Gina and Karen and, eventually, she reveals that she can now fire electricity with her fingers, which is which she is now known as Electra!

(Of course, it could also have something to do with her wanting to get it on with her stepson.)

Of the many films that Shannon Tweed appeared in during the 1990s, Electra might be the most ludicrous.  It’s pretty bad but it was probably never meant to be good and it’s doubtful anyone watched this film for the plot.  They watched the film for Shannon Tweed in black latex and shooting lightning bolts from her fingers.  Electra does not disappoint where that’s concerned.  As usual, Tweed is better than her material but the film itself is too slapdash and amateurishly done to really be as much fun as it should be.  A film featuring both super serums and Shannon Tweed should never have slow spots but Electra has a few.  Deliberate camp can be difficult for even the most skilled directors to pull off and Electra often seems like it’s trying too hard to appeal to the “so bad it’s good” demographic.  If this has been directed by someone like Fred Olen Ray, it would be probably be a cult classic but, as it is, this is really only for the most dedicated fans of Shannon Tweed.

2 responses to “Cinemax Friday: Electra (1996, directed by Julian Grant)

  1. I just watched “Hot Dog: The Movie.” Early Shannon Tweed. This one I’ve never heard of. At least she was trying to step out of her typical erotic thriller formula. Didn’t work. Oh well, she married Gene Simmons.


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