SXSW 2020 Review: Waffle (dir by Carlyn Hudson)

Can I get a connection?

The 10 minute short film, Waffle, begins with what appears to be a sleep over.  Kerry (Kerry Baker) and Katie (Katie Marovitch) are both sitting on a couch in their pajamas, talking about a time when they hung out with the cutest boys in their class and they all ended up making out in someone’s car.  There’s a lot of giggling and hugging and most viewers won’t buy it for a second.

It’s not just the fact that both of the women appear to be a little bit older than the usual sleep over participants.  In fact, neither one appears to still be in high school.  It’s also hard not to notice that, for two best friends, Katie and Kerry really don’t seem to know each other that well.  When Kerry is trying to tell the story about a night that she and Katie hung out together, Katie keeps interrupting her and telling her to change the details.  Katie is also quite insistent that Kerry will have waffles, despite Kerry’s lack of enthusiasm for the idea.  When Kerry mentions that her friend Rapahel (Raphael Chestang) is coming by, Katie does not react well to the news.

Things only get stranger from that point on.  Katie is someone who is not only used to getting what she wants but who also has the money necessary to make sure that no one ever says no.  Kerry has her own motivations but it doesn’t take long to notice that she doesn’t seem to be particularly enthusiastic about spending too much time with her “best friend.”  The film goes from being a comedy to a drama to back to being a comedy to being …. well, I don’t want to give away too much.  Let’s just say that a lot happens in just ten minutes.

Waffle is a clever look at the struggle to make a connection in an increasingly isolated community.  Katie Marovitch alternates between being menacing and being almost sympathetic in the role of Katie while Kerry Cook’s performance keeps the story grounded in an identifiable reality.

It’s on Prime, at least through May 6th so, if you’ve got ten minutes to spare, be sure to check it out.

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