Horror On The Lens: Attack of the Giant Leeches (dir. by Bernard Kowalski)

For today’s public domain horror film, I present to you 1959’s Attack of the Giant Leeches.  This 60-minute film is a classic Drive-in film.  While it has its slow spots, it also features an iconic performance from Yvette Vickers, who is like one of my favorites of the strong, confident, unapologetically sexy women who dominated the old B-movies.  (Plus, she was only 5’3 and it’s not easy being brave when you’re having to look up at everyone.  Trust me, I know.)   This short little film is steamier than Louisiana in August and is full of bayou atmosphere.

I have to admit that I’m kinda freaked out by the scenes of people floating underwater in this film.  And leeches … agck!  Don’t even get me started on leeches.  Especially giant leeches…

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