Creepshow, S1 Ep5, “Night of the Paw” and “Times is Tough in Musky Holler”, Review


Halloween is approaching! We should not forget to discuss the fear of failure, which this episode did not have a problem doing.  Wow, I’ve reviewed some hot garbage, but this was the mathematical derivative of garbage because it was the rate of change from boring to embarrassing.  The only bright spot was veteran Bruce Davison’s performance that was wasted on such hackneyed craptastic material.  Sad.

The first story was about a Monkey’s Paw. Yep, Nicotero decided to do a monkey’s paw story….on purpose. It follows the typical trope: Get a Paw, make three wishes, and they all suck somehow, but this time with mediocre zombie makeup.  Honestly, it looked like Party City was missing some 2 dollar makeup.  We should all feel sad for the time that I shall never get back.

The second story was auditioning for the Walking Dead radio show because half of the rushed hot mess was exposition.  A mayor and cronies go bad during a zombie apocalypse and town executes them.  This story also had some second tier Walking Dead zombies and David Arquette who basically did agonized facial expressions whenever he was on camera.  I used to really like David’s acting, but now he just looks like he’s tired and needs to angry poo real real bad.  Maybe, David decided to get some gas station sushi, wash it down with past questionable milk, and go to set? That’s what his acting told me.

This show has potential for actual greatness, but man, if Nicotero doesn’t do some quality control, it’ll just be another schlocky horror series like Two Sentence Horror.


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