Thriller, A Review, By Case Wright


Happy Horrorthon.  Yes, I’m reviewing Thriller. I separate art from the artist.  There is too much understanding that is lost if we create a Bushido for people to be worthy of artistic contribution.

Thriller is unique because like the majority of works I’ve reviewed this season, it’s a short film.  It’s even a film within a film within a film.  Michael and his date are watching a scary movie, they are in a scary movie, and then she is in a real-life scary movie.  It’s directed by John Landis at his best.  It’s got the humor and horror married together.

Today, this song is a great vehicle for charity…YEP! People across the world on this weekend will dance the Thriller Dance to raise money for charity.  In the Seattle area, amazingly wonderful and handsome people perform the Thriller dance to raise money for Survivor Northwest – a charity that empowers women who have had a cancer diagnosis to survive and thrive through fitness, health and wellness services.

For those of you who never been touched by the horror of cancer, I envy you in a way that you will never understand.  For this charity dance alone, Thriller should remain. See the amazingly beautiful and talented dancers below.


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