Music Video of the Day: First Date by Danko Jones (2006, dir by Micah Meisner)

Today’s music video of the day brings us a little more vampire action.  I guess we shouldn’t be too surprised.  Vampires always seem to inspire musicians in a way that werewolves don’t.  This video came out two years before Twilight and it basically tells a less romanticized version of the same story….

Still, there is an odd romance to vampirism, though that might not be obvious from this video.  In this video, the vampire just comes across as being a pervy stalker but, in the popular imagination, there’s usually nothing sexier than a centuries-old vampire.  Maybe it’s all the ennui.

To be honest, I just like the bottles of blood in the refrigerator.  That makes me laugh every time I see it.


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