Horror Scenes That I Love: After The Changeling’s seance….

So, last night, at the TSL offices, Jeff, Leonard, Case, and I watched Insidious!  It was an enjoyable experience.  I think we were all surprised to discover just how well Insidious holds up.  When the film reached the seance scene, in which the ghosts were asked questions and a possessed Lin Shaye would write out their answers, I said, “This scene reminds me of the seance scene from The Changeling!

And then I thought to myself, “That should be our next horror scene that I love!”

So, I went to YouTube and I searched for the classic (and really scary) seance scene from Peter Medak’s great 1980 ghost story, The Changeling.  And guess what?  I couldn’t find it!  I found a lot of scenes from The Changeling and I found a lot of people talking about how much they love the seance scene but I couldn’t find the scene itself!

So, here’s the best I could do.  This scene that I love takes place immediately after the seance and features George C. Scott listening and re-listening to a tape of the seance until he can finally hear the voice of the child who, years before, was murdered in his house.

Even if it’s not the seance scene, it’s still pretty good.  I personally consider this to be one of George C. Scott’s best performances.  And the sound of the little boy’s voice on the tape is chilling.

The Changeling is really good, by the way.  You should watch it, if you haven’t already!

2 responses to “Horror Scenes That I Love: After The Changeling’s seance….

  1. The Changeling has two major problems: First it stars George C. Scott. It’s like putting John Wayne or Clint Eastwood in a supernatural movie – I never felt he was threatened or in any danger. He’s Patton for God’s sake. Second, once he discovers what it is about, all the scares evaporate and it begins a not too compelling thriller. The seance scene was good. And, for some reason, the Trish Van Devere character really annoyed me.


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