Music Video of the Day: Baby Don’t Forget My Number “by” Milli Vanilli (1988, directed by ????)

Remember these guys?

Milli Vanilli was the band that not only put out crappy music but who didn’t actually sing on their records or in their concerts or anywhere else for that matter.  Though the band’s manager, Frank Farian, insisted that this song was actually sung by a German and a French dancer, both of whom spoke with heavy accents that were nowhere to be heard in “their” songs, the truth soon came out that the singing was actually done by backup singers John Davis and Brad Howell.  Davis and Howell later turned Europe as the Real Milli Vanilli while the original Milli Vanilli had to return their Grammy Awards and spent the rest of the 90s trying to make a comeback while being made fun of by teenage music critics.

What’s up, guys?

This song was their second and last big hit.  By the time it was released in America, it was well-known in Europe that Milli Vanilli didn’t sing their own songs.  However, it took two years for that news to reach America, during which Milli Vanilli turned down numerous offers to perform on The Arsenio Hall Show.  The band was also caught lip syncing in Connecticut when their recording start to skip backstage.  We all remember that episode of Behind the Music.

The revelation that Milli Vanilli didn’t actually sing was a huge scandal back in the day.  Today, it would never happen.  They would have just autotuned the band until they got the results they wanted.

Enjoy, if you dare!

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