Music Video of the Day: Satellite by the Hooters (1987, directed by ????)

When watching today’s music video of the day, it helps to know something about the time when it was made.

During the late 80s, several popular televangelists were exposed as doing some less than holy things.  Jimmy Swaggart kept getting caught with hookers.  Jim Bakker (husband of the heavily made-up Tammy Faye Bakker) was accused of embezzling money from his ministry in order to pay off Jessica Hahn, a church secretary who said he had raped her.  (Bakker claimed that he was set up by enemies who wanted to take over his ministry.)  Oral Roberts announced that if he didn’t raise a certain amount of money, God was going to kill him (“take me home”).  Meanwhile, Pat Robertson (yes, that Pat Robertson) was running for President and Jerry Falwell was just being himself.

Obviously, someone needed to step up and take on these religious charlatans and the Hooters answered the call with this song and video.  Both were considered highly controversial at the time, which helped Satellite become the band’s first successful single in Europe.

The video features the couple from American Gothic trying to watch the Three Stooges with their daughter, despite constant interruptions from obvious stand-ins for Jerry Falwell and Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker.  I would never think of the American Gothic couple as being fans of Larry, Moe, and Curly but it goes to show that you never can tell.


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