Cowboys and Zombies: Ghost Town (1988, directed by Richard Governor)

When an abandoned car is found in the desert, Deputy Langely (Franc Luz) is dispatched to the scene.  While Langely investigates, a man suddenly rides by on horseback and takes a shot at him.  Searching for the man, Langely comes across an old ghost town.  After he passes out in a seemingly abandoned building, he wakes up and discovers that he’s surrounded by old-timey western folks.  There’s a barmaid and a blind gambler and a blacksmith.  They are all spirits who are being held hostage by an undead outlaw, Devlin (Jimmie Skaggs), who long ago made a pact with Satan that gave him control over the souls of all the people in the town.  Now, Devlin has kidnapped Kate (Catherine Hickland), a woman from the modern world, and it’s up to Langely to not only rescue her but also set free the spirits that are trapped in the ghost town.

There’s nothing unexpected about this hororr/western hybrid, which was produced by Charles Band’s Empire Productions.  The combination of two different genres leads to double the clichés but the film itself is still entertaining in its own cheesy way.  The town is atmospheric and spooky, Franc Luz is a passable lawman, Jimmy Skaggs is a devilish villain, and Catherine Hickland shows that she deserved to be known for more than just being David Hasselhoff’s first wife.  Despite a troubled production that went through three different directors, Ghost Town is a decent B-movie that should be enjoyed by anyone who ever played cowboys and zombies.


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