Cleaning Out The DVR: The Wrong Bed: Naked Pursuit (dir by Monika Mitchell)

(Lisa is not just devoting all of her time to horror movies this month!  She is also trying to clean out her DVR.  She has recorded over 170 movies this year and she needs to watch all of them before January 1st!  Will she make it?  Keep checking this site to find out!  Lisa recorded The Wrong Bed: Naked Pursuit off of the Lifetime Movie Network on June 2nd.)

Now, this is just frustrating!

When you sit down to watch a movie called The Wrong Bed: Naked Pursuit, I think you’re justified in thinking that the majority of the movie is going to take place in a bed (perhaps even the wrong bed, which I guess would mean that it has a lumpy mattress or a lice-infected pillow something).  I think you’re also justified in expecting that everyone’s going to be naked for the majority of the movie.  As for the pursuit — well, pursuit can mean anything.  Maybe the two naked people in the wrong bed are pursuing pleasure or enlightenment.  Maybe they’re pursuing the ultimate high of sexually decadent ennui.  Who knows?

Well, The Wrong Bed: Naked Pursuit does open with Stella (Jewel Statie) and Owen (Corey Sevier) waking up naked in bed and handcuffed together.  However, it’s not the wrong bed.  It’s just a hotel bed and it looks like a pretty nice hotel, too!  Both Owen and Stella are naked but that only lasts for about ten minutes.  Eventually, they get out of bed and manage to get partially dressed.  And while I appreciate the fact that the film is honest about the difficult of putting on a bra while handcuffed to another person (because, seriously, it’s not as easy as the movie’s usually make it look), that still doesn’t change the fact that the title specifically promised us a naked pursuit in the wrong bed.

Now, I should admit that the title is honest about the pursuit part.  When Owen and Stella wake up, they have no memory of how they met or eventually ended up in bed together.  However, they do know that someone is chasing them.  They spend the entire movie running around Canada, trying not to get caught by the usual collection of men in suits and uniforms.  Occasionally, Stella has flashes of memory.  She sees herself strapped down to a gurney with a scientist named Larissa (Lisa Berry) preparing to give her a shot.  She realizes that she and her best friend tried to earn some extra money by taking part in some sort of clinical study.  However, something went wrong…

Stella and Owen try to retrace their steps.  It turns out that they both got pretty wild the night before they woke up in the not-so wrong bed.  They ever started a riot at a bowling alley.  Even more importantly, they find the time to stop by Owen’s house.  Owen, who says that he’s a fireman, lives in an impressively big house.  That’s Lifetime, though.  Everyone gets a mansion, regardless of what they do for a living.

Anyway, once I got over the misleading title, The Wrong Bed turned out to be a pretty entertaining little movie.  It was directed by Monika Mitchell, who has done several Lifetime movies and who can always be depended on to keep the action moving quickly.  Things got a little bit silly once Owen and Stella discovered why they were being pursued but no matter! Jewel Statie and Corey Sevier had chemistry and Sevier looked good without his shirt on.

It all worked out.

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