Music Video of the Day: Imagine by John Lennon (1971, dir. John Lennon & Yoko Ono)

Seeing as it is the International Day Of Peace, I thought it was appropriate to finally spotlight the music video for Imagine by John Lennon.

While this video received a release on its own, it was also edited into a film called Imagine, which was released a year later in 1972.

It’s not the only music video that was made for this song. In 1986/1988 Zbigniew Rybczyński made a new music video for it. Maybe I’ll spotlight that one at a later date if it is still available.

The “This Is Not Here” sign comes from the title of Ono’s art show that was being displayed in New York.

They arrive at the door with the sign on it after walking down the title of a Beatles song (The Long And Winding Road) and proceed to teleport inside the house. Maybe they did that because if that sign isn’t there, then neither are they. Perhaps it’s because the song is about an imagined reality. I’m not sure what they were going for with that.

After that, the video alternates between a closeup shot of Lennon playing the famous white piano…

and a long shot showing Ono opening the metaphorical blinds to let the light into the largely empty white room.

Once she’s done, she sits next to John and proceeds to stare off into space. Honestly, it’s kind of weird.

But then Lennon finishes the song, turns to her, gets a little goofy, and they kiss.

The song has been heard and covered so many times that even the Wikipedia article has a section called “Notable performances and cover versions.” They will often have a full list if they bother to include covers.

The video has had many unofficial postings on YouTube for years, but it took until December of last year for it to get up there officially. I wonder how many people have seen the video in addition to having heard the song.

Today, a video is supposed to go up for a song called One World One Love for the International Day Of Peace. I’ll have to look at that some time.

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