Music Video of the Day: Naughty Girls Need Love Too by Samantha Fox & Full Force (1988, dir. Scott Kalvert)

No, I was not looking to specifically feature this video just to share the story below. This is my favorite Fox music video, and that is the only story about her in the entire book. It’s one of the odder behind-the-scenes stories I’ve heard about the production of a music video. I feel I’d be remiss not mentioning it. The first part gives some insight about how they were planning on selling her, while the second paragraph is the odd part, which you can skip if you wish.

According to The Baltimore Sun on December 30th, 1988, this song “was not so much a song as a T-shirt with a rhythm section.”

Ann Carli, then senior vice president of artist development at Jive Records, said the following about the video in the book, I Want My MTV:

We signed Samantha Fox–she was one of the biggest Page Three Girls in England. Page Three Girls pose topless in the Sun. She was fairly young, and extremely buxom. RCA wanted to do pinup calendars and take a real skanky approach. I wanted her to be more of a girl next door, so that was a big fight.

Samantha would drink early in the day. She wanted champagne right from the beginning of the day. I made sure her drinks got watered down. At one video shoot, she was constipated. She was bloated and wearing a midriff costume. I had to get a doctor. This is kind of a disgusting story. I don’t want to know what the doctor did, but the problem was solved.

This must be the video Carli was speaking about because I can’t find another video where she was wearing a midriff.

I’m glad it appears that Carli only partially won that fight. Debbie Gibson and Tiffany had already cornered the girl-next-door market. Fox is a nice middle-ground between the way Carli described they wanted to sell her, and the actual way I’ve seen her presented in music videos.

I can’t imagine anyone else at the time being able to pull off wearing a Debbie Gibson hat…

Out Of The Blue (1988)

with a Tiffany-style dress…

I Think We're Alone Now (1987)

I Think We’re Alone Now (1987)

while holding a man’s head next to her breasts…

before pushing his head downward.

I think she did this kind of material well without looking “skanky.”

Cut to 30 years later, and now Gibson, Tiffany, and Fox have all been in SyFy movies. There’s something I’m sure none of them would have expected to happen in their future.

Fox played Ms. Moore in Sharknado 5: Global Swarming (2017).

Sharknado 5: Global Swarming (2017, dir. Anthony C. Ferrante)

Sharknado 5: Global Swarming (2017, dir. Anthony C. Ferrante)

Below, I’ve embedded an interesting little interview she gave last year on Loose Women concerning her sexuality. It puts this video in a different light.

The people accompanying Fox are the group, Full Force. They have worked with numerous artists, such as Bob Dylan. Some, or all, of their members wrote the song.

Scott Kalvert directed the video. He’s done close to 100 music videos. The few that I have seen have this kind of late-80s/early-90s-street look to them. Outside of music videos, he is probably best known for directing The Basketball Diaries (1995).

Donyale McRae did makeup for the video. He seems to have worked on around 35 music videos. He’s worked on a lot of things from Doctor Who to The Wolf Of Wall Street (2013)–which means that both him and Kalvert went on to work with DiCaprio.


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