Music Video of the Day: Radar Love by Golden Earring (1974, dir. ???)

I’ve done three Golden Earring videos at this point. However, I feel as if I have been talking about Orson Welles films from the 1950s onward as if Citizen Kane doesn’t exist.

If there is one song that people know by Golden Earring, then it’s Radar Love. This thing has been a staple of rock radio for decades. It’s one of those songs you can put on, and people instantly know what kind of station they have come across, as well as the decade the song comes from. It’s so 70s it hurts.

The song has been covered, used in games, on TV, and in movies so many times that there is an entire website devoted to this one song. I can’t say I have ever come across that before.

But we’re here for the video.

First things first, look at Barry Hay. Look at him!

The bolero jacket. The top. The pants. And that hair. The hair!

I’ve only seen him top that look with the one he had in the video for Something Heavy Going Down.

Something Heavy Going Down (1984)

Something Heavy Going Down (1984)

The difference being that the red jumpsuit with the gigantic boombox was done on purpose for the video. By looking at another 70s Golden Earring video, that appears to have been Hay’s standard look back then. It’s glorious.

I like the fake freeze-frame this video opens up with. I have no idea why it’s there, but I think it’s a neat way to start off the video.

I’m assuming that since this appears to have been their musical introduction to the world, they did these closeup shots of the band members in order to visually introduce them to the world.

But why do that if you’re not going to put their names there? That seems a little weird.

Then again, this is something that happens.

Who exactly does he think he’s throwing that guitar to?

This is made even dumber by the fact that they immediately cut to him with the guitar back in his hands.

At least the leap over the drum set is a way of capping off the video.

Overall, I like the video. They didn’t just stick the camera in front of them while they performed on a stage. It’s edited in such a manner that brings you into the performance. They added some creative elements to it. Despite the lack of names under them, I think it was clever to use the instrumental opening portion of the video for that purpose before showing us them in action. I can see this video doing well going around the US and European TV shows that they couldn’t be on in order to stand in for a live performance.

So there it is. I now feel comfortable doing more Golden Earring knowing that I have spotlighted the video for the song that kicked off their career.


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