Music Video of the Day: The Trees by Rush (1978, dir. ???)

Happy Arbor Day!

It was the first thing that popped into my head when I saw Arbor Day was coming up.

Rush drummer and lyricist Neil Peart said this about an alleged message of the song to the magazine Modern Drummer:

“No. It was just a flash. I was working on an entirely different thing when I saw a cartoon picture of these trees carrying on like fools. I thought, ‘What if trees acted like people?’ So I saw it as a cartoon really, and wrote it that way. I think that’s the image that it conjures up to a listener or a reader. A very simple statement.”

If you want to discuss the politics, or lack there of in this song, then don’t worry. You can hop on over to YouTube, and people in the comments section will be glad to interpret it as a libertarian masterpiece, just a fun a song about two factions of trees fighting each other, and anything else you think it means.


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