Music Video of the Day: Gloria by Laura Branigan (1982, dir. Marty Callner)

I haven’t done a Laura Branigan video since last summer. That video was the one for Self Control that I will never stop referencing because of its edgy content. For some reason, in the last couple of months, a bunch of her music videos have gotten officially releases on YouTube. As a result, I thought I would spotlight one of her other big hits, Gloria.

It’s really just for the song because there isn’t anything especially interesting about the video. The only noteworthy thing for me is that a chunk of director Marty Callner’s early MTV music videos were for Laura Branigan even though he would go on to do a lot of work with Twisted Sister, Aerosmith, Poison, The Cult, and other bands you wouldn’t think of having any connection with Branigan. Then again, he also worked with Pat Benatar, Cher, and Belinda Carlisle. He even did a video for Tori Amos’ short-lived band called Y Kant Tori Read.

The Laura Branigan account appeared on YouTube last June. I’m not sure why exactly then, or if there was any special meaning to it. It isn’t the anniversary of her death or anything. That’s in August. Her birthdate is in July. It doesn’t coincide with her contributions to Flashdance (1983), Ghostbusters (1984), or Baywatch. Even 35 years from the release of her first album would mean you’d put the channel up this year since it came out in 1982.

The only thing I can find that changed concerning her in the last few months is her birthdate. I guess for showbiz purposes she would say it was 1957, but it turned out to be 1952. Even obituaries had it wrong, and some of been corrected. At the time of writing this, the one on Billboard magazine’s website still says 1957. Apparently this birthdate thing caused a furious debate on Wikipedia. If you go over to her brother Billy Branigan’s IMDb page, then you’ll find that his birthdate was thought to be 1961, but it was actually the year that Laura used as her birthdate.

The only guess I have that has any weight to it is that she was known for her connections to the gay community, and June happens to be LGBT Pride Month. It wouldn’t surprise me if the proper rights were obtained to put these videos up, and they went with June.

Whatever the reason, I’m glad they are up now. Hopefully they don’t fall victim to other officially released videos that get taken down later on.


7 responses to “Music Video of the Day: Gloria by Laura Branigan (1982, dir. Marty Callner)

  1. I can discuss more of Laura’s wrong age though I am the one who is behind her correction. Her official website and facebook will never recognize her correct 1952 or Mount Kisco. Watch my research and you will find everything you need to know about Laura. I shall add I have made several friends who knew Laura from their time in Armonk. They have served me with unique material from catholic school in Chappaqua, New York, from late 50’s to graduation in 1966. Encyclopedia Laura Branigan, 1952-2004.

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      • Hmmm, Laura’s official Youtube has nothing to show. Why? Deleted? Laura’s fansites has blacklisted me for lifetime though I have been questioning why they are not telling the truth about Laura’s early days. People who are mentioning my name are not welcome and are risking to be thrown out. They do everything to avoid members to see my research about Laura.


        • Sometime in the past few months, what I thought was her official YouTube account that showed up in June of 2016, suddenly disappeared. I don’t know. I’m done talking about her age. I just hope her videos get an official posting somewhere.


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