Music Video of the Day: I Know by David Lynch (2011, dir. Tamar Drachli)

I don’t know if David Lynch still does this, but at least for awhile, he held music video competitions for his songs. That is the case with this music video. The following people worked on it according to the officially posted video:

Director: Tamar Drachli
Actors: Adam Horowitz & Vaan Nguyen
Director of Photography: Tom Goldwasser & Nadav Gordon
Camera Operator: Tom Goldwasser
Costumes Designer: Leeat Ramon
Compositing: Roi Werner
Online: Shahar Naor

It goes on to give some background on the competition:

“Almost 450 were entered into the competition to create the official music videos for David Lynch’s single ‘Good Day Today / I Know’m released on Sunday Best Recordings

This fantastic video directd by Tamar Drachli was chosen by David Lynch as the winner for ‘I Know’ from a shortlist of 10 finalists.

The response to this competition was amazing with almost 450 videos published and some fantastic creativity and talent on display.”

That’s a lot of music videos to go through.

Based on what little I can turn up, the cast and crew are from Israel, or at least have connections there (the taxi has Hebrew characters on it). The one that stood out the most is Vaan Nguyen. The reason is because there is a whole movie about her father called The Journey of Vaan Nguyen (2005). I haven’t seen it myself.

I can find next to nothing on the others. There is a website for director Tamar Drachli, but I can’t get it to load. I can only view it in the Google Cache, which shows me she has directed some other music videos. There is also a website for costume designer Leeat Ramon.

Just to clarify one thing about the credits, it does say Adam Horowitz with a ‘w’, not a ‘v’.


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