What to watch on TV this week.

With November sweeps coming to an end, so does the fall TV season. As much as a mixed bag of shows this season has brought us, here are a few fall/winter finales you might want to check out.

And Since I am posting this on Sunday… Let’s start with today!

Sunday, November 29th

Okay, not technically the fall finale, as there will be one more episode of ‘Once Upon a Time’ this fall. But if you are not keeping up with the drama of Emma and her dark swan, you should be! Also, Hook and Gold might finally have their confrontation!

Here is the promo!

And I know we all are waiting on the mid-season finale of ‘The Walking Dead’  There are rumors of a major death in tonight’s episode. But let’s take our mind off that for a minute and just try and figure out how the peace will be broken!

Here is the promo!

Holy Frak! Did we all make it thru Sunday night? Are we all okay? We still have several more days to go!

Monday, November 30th

In ‘Gotham’ Bruce is abducted, and to get a little darker (not like this season could) Jim has to find an unlikely alliance. You can probably guess who that is! (or not)

Here is a glimpse of the future!

Okay, Okay! I get it! Those shows were dark and we all need a bit of funny now! And the CW can bring that! ‘Crazy Ex Girlfriend’ Has its winter finale tonight, too. I am not going to gush, but paired with ‘Jane The Virgin’ these two shows make a hilarious Monday night! After an amazing Thanksgiving episode, Rebecca moves on to Christmas. I am Team Greg, but you all can have your own opinion…Wait, who is zooming who’s Mom!

Here is a sneak peak!

We got all this so far? We okay? Because the TV week is fixing to get complicated. We got a two night cross-over event to get thru now! Fortunately there is only one promo to get thru.

Tuesday and Wednesday December 1st and 2nd

The Flash and Arrow cross-over event happens. Starting with Savage attacking Kendra and Barry takes her to Star City seeking help From Oliver. In the Back half, Oliver and Barry work together to defeat Savage.

Two night preview!

Just when you thought the week was done. Nope, we still got the best show on TV right now to go! Wednesday also brings us the fall finale of ‘Empire’ Where will Empire land? Is Dynasty on the rise? Is Anika that crazy? Can the family pull together?

Here is the best guess I got!

Along with those shows, Rosewood, Reign and the ABC comedies all have their fall finales this week.

Wow, we made it to Thursday and all the way thru November sweeps! If we all aren’t brain dead by now, Let’s talk about ‘The Wiz Live!’

Happy TV viewing!

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