#LateNightMovie review: The Alien Factor

Being that this is my first #LateNightMovie review on TSL, just want to let you all know how this mess got started. Several years ago I was tweeting bad sci-fi movies late at night. Somehow Holly (@hwilson2009) and Janeen (@Janeen_FluffyJ ) found out that I was doing that. Holly was the first one to ask what I was doing, soon after Jinni joined in shortly after Tammy (@TRDowden) joined in. We quickly learned that twitter wouldn’t be able to keep up with us. Holly had this great chat room (@syfydesigns) for us all to talk in and #LateNightMovie was born. Thru there we have found a great group of friends to hang out with every Friday and Saturday nights!

This past week we watched “The Alien Factor” I found this movie while perusing the depths of Hulu during one of my movie watches a few months ago. Kinda tossed it in the back of my mind and then stumbled across it again.


Director and writer: Don Dohler


Don Leifert as Ben Zachary

Tom Griffith as Sheriff Cinder

A spaceship with an extraterritorial zoo crashes on Earth near a redneck town, how could this go wrong!


This was Don Dohlers first credited movie. He did revise it later in the 1982 movie “NightBeast” and later in 1982’s “Aliens Factor 2” Both of which failed horribly. The thing is, Don Dohlers is not credited enough. As a low-budget film maker, Dohler did some really great work. His work has that capture you anyway feeling about them. Infectious and raw at the same time. So I am going to take this time, as a horror and sci-fi junkie, just to appreciate this movie for what it is; A great, low-budget film, that we all can have fun with!

And speaking of fun, The #LateNightMovie gang had a great amount of fun! The quips were awesome!


This was before they invented tailgate parties.

Three Dog Night lost their Mystery Machine van

aaaaahhh, poking with secreations… she was attacked by a turkey baster?

Alien or jerk boyfriend? choose

Phil had a choice to make! lol


That was the last dance for Mary Jane folks.

So, are there two alien factions trying to annihilate the town? One glowy and the other with slimy armor?

The bears injected the guy with poison to frame the chipmunks. It’s SO obvious

atari rules

i want the partridge family to sing again they rocked

married sex is alien sex


Yeah, Phil, seriously I made that joke!

Thank you Garner, Kurt, Phil, Ambie, Becs, Jes, Cindy, Jinni, Myrna, Warren, Holly for watching #LateNightMovie with me this week!

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