Horror On TV: The Twilight Zone 5.5 “The Last Night of a Jockey”


For tonight’s episode of The Twilight Zone, we present to you The Last Night of A Jockey. In this episode, Mickey Rooney plays a jockey who has just been banned, for life, from horse racing. The self-pitying jockey is offered the chance to change his life with “one wish.” He wishes that he could be a “big man” and, unfortunately, he gets his wish.

This episode is basically a one-man show for Mickey Rooney and he makes the most of it. I almost feel like I have to share this episode, just in case my earlier review of The Manipulator inspired anyone to see that misbegotten film. Needless to say, Rooney is a lot more impressive in Last Night Of A Jockey than he was in The Manipulator.

This episode originally aired on October 25th, 1963.

One response to “Horror On TV: The Twilight Zone 5.5 “The Last Night of a Jockey”

  1. I did not care for this episide so much. And I liked Mickey Rooney in all of the films he starred in with Judy Garland. I love Judy Garland. I love her singing and her movies and she’s beautiful. Anyway, back to this episode, Mickey just did not cut it here. He did not come off well playing such an angry man. I’d never seen him act like this before. And the story of him getting bigger did not play well.


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