My ideas for a Pacific Rim Sequel

This entry will be filled with spoilers. Please don’t read it if you haven’t watched Pacific Rim.  The film ends with the destruction of the portal and the alien colonists.  With the portal closed and the colonist dead, there are no more Kaijus. How can there be a sequel? I have a few ideas about how there can be Kaijus in a sequel, these ideas are based on anime and Kaiju films.

Each idea has the following elements in common:

  • A rogue element within the K-Science Lab creating the Kaiju
  • A variant of Newton “Newt” Geiszler’s Kaiju Drift (mind meld) device used to control the Kaijus
  • Genetically modified and mechanically enhanced brains to facilitate Drifting with human pilots
  • The hive mind trait of a Kaiju’s brain enable pilots to communicate with each other through a radio-telepathy frequency.

The first idea involves harvesting genetic samples of defeated Kaijus to grow clones for despots and madmen for the right price.  

The second idea is derived from the millenium incarnation of Mecha-Godzilla.  The rogue K-Science Lab technician would use kaiju skeletons to create the framework for bionic Kaijus.  Each bionic Kaiju possesses Jaeger weaponry. A variant of this idea is to use the Mecha-Godzilla iteration from the animated series based on American Godzilla film.  A Kaiju would be repaired and revived with Jaeger parts in the same vein as Deathlok (Marvel’s zombie cyborg soldier).  



(Cyber-Zilla from Godzilla: The Series by Dino Master)

The another variant is based on an obscure anime called Argento Soma (where a giant monster, Frank, was created from the remains of fallen monsters).  The scientist would cobble together a kaiju from the parts that remained after battle.  



(Frank by ミヤマカラマ)

The third idea involves splicing creatures like reptiles, crustaceans, and arachnids with Kaiju DNA to create new biological weapons.  In one extreme case, a human-Kaiju hybrid exists.

guy_davis_bat_ears_brady_front_rev guy_davis_kaiju_unused_12_rev guy_davis_otachi_early_sketch_1_rev guy_davis_slattern_swim_silo tumblr_inline_muy1mqr07K1rzympi

Kaiju concept art by Guy Davis


6 responses to “My ideas for a Pacific Rim Sequel

  1. The idea of Jaeger-Kaiju hybrids has been mentioned by both Del Toro and writer Beacham as an avenue that a potential sequel could follow. Del Toro’s reasoning for going this route was that Gipsy Danger wasn’t completely vaporized in the Anti-Verse and the aliens living there scavenged and reverse-engineered something to use in how they grow future kaiju.

    The original background concept for Newt Geizler actually had him as being crazier and much more a menacing figure than what ended up in the film. One of the original ideas had him successfully drifting with the kaiju brain then beocming corrupted by the kaiju hive mind to betray humanity.

    With Del Toro notorious for having a busy slate where his name gets attached to every geek-friendly project it’s going to be a longshot we even get a sequel. He still has that Justice League Dark for DC and Warner Bros. that many in the geek community hopes will go through not to mention other projects like a potential Hellboy 3 sequel to finish off that story and his own dream project: At the Mountains of Madness.


    • Would be interesting if Newt’s obsession caused him to inject himself with Kaiju DNA in an attempt to become one. He would be the villain and deadlier threat because he would be human intelligence backed by the Kaiju’s destructive power.


    • Newt can go to hell. His character annoyed me, and frankly I’d much rather he been killed by the Kaiju than continue on by any sort of sequel. I’m more interested in this idea of Justice League Dark. Is that anything like the Justice Lords arc from the Justice League cartoon? If so, I’m all on board for that.


      • Nah, Justice League Dark pretty much a gathering of all the supernatural and magic-type characters in DC and it’s Vertigo line like Constantine, Swamp Thing, Etrigan the Demon and Zatanna to name a few.


  2. Wow… that’s awesome that Del Toro and Beacham toyed with the Cyber-Kaiju idea. I think people will be willing to wait for a Pacific Rim sequel. The Mountain of Madness sounds epic… Del Toro + Lovecraft = Awesome!

    I assumed that the colonists were wiped out by the explosion. I wouldn’t mind seeing an evil Newt and his army of cloned or artificially created Kaiju.


    • Well, only the Antiverse aliens in the vicinity of that particular Breach between the two dimensions. I’m guessing there’s many more Antiverse aliens in there looking to build another breach.


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