Song of the Day: Pacific Rim Theme (by Ramin Djawadi feat. Tom Morello)


Ok, to say that my latest musical obsession comes directly from Pacific Rim shouldn’t be quite a surprise. I’ve been so hyped about Guillermo Del Toro’s valentines card to all things mecha and daikaiju that it is only logical that it should progress right to it’s soundtrack. The latest “Song of the Day” is the awesometastic and auralgasmic opening theme song to Pacific Rim composed by Game of Thrones composer Ramin Djawadi featuring the lead guitar stylings of Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello.

The “Pacific Rim Theme” is quite the homage to the classic mecha and giant robot anime series of the 70’s and early 80’s. It doesn’t go for the recent trend of classical-based opening credits song with the latest mecha series from  Japan, but it instead goes for the full-on rock’n’roll treatment. It’s mostly brass and strings with some cameos from the horn section. It also makes great use of the electronic style that evokes early John Carpenter and some of the scifi action films of the early 80’s.

It helps to have Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine doing lead guitar duties throughout the piece.

In the film, the Jaeger pilots were seen as rock stars by the public and this theme made damn sure that we know that when it plays out in the beginning.

5 responses to “Song of the Day: Pacific Rim Theme (by Ramin Djawadi feat. Tom Morello)

  1. This is absolutely fantastic. Ramin Djawadi has once again breached my general distaste for the stylistic trends that permeate film scores and created something that wholeheartedly appeals to my love of related genres like vgm. It seems like so many composers of film scores are too over-trained and under-experienced to grasp the essence of classical and contemporary fusion. Djawadi places his gut intuition before his training, and it pays off every time.


    • You should check out the whole soundtrack. It’s definitely un-Zimmer-like which is funny since Djawadi is part of the same group that Zimmer created to mentor up-and-coming composers.


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