A Blast From The Past: Curious Alice (1968)

So, early this morning, Jeff and I went down to the AMC Valley View, located at Valley View Mall in Dallas, Texas.  We went down there so that we could see the new Brad Pitt film, Killing Them Softly.  I was really looking forward to seeing this film because I’ve read several positive reviews and, after taking most of November off, I’m ready to get back to my usual routine of reviewing several films  a week.  Killing Them Softly seemed like the perfect film for me to begin my December review cycle with.

Unfortunately, within minutes of us taking out seats in the theater, an alarm suddenly went off, the lights started to flash, and an automated voice ordered us to not only leave the theater but do so in an orderly fashion as well.

Yes, that’s right.  Somebody pulled a fire alarm and, as a result, no one got to see a movie at Valley View this morning.  Jeff and I were given two re-admit passes for our trouble.

(On the plus side, the entire staff of AMC Valley View handled the situation calmly and professionally and, if you’re reading this AMC CEO, they all deserve a huge raise.)

Now, at first, we thought we’d just hang out around the theater until the next showing of Killing Them Softly.  In between people watching with Jeff and updating my Facebook status, I did some pointe work and attempted to introduce the disgruntled AMC patrons to the beauty of ballet.

Unfortunately, most of them didn’t care  and since, between the two of us, Jeff and I have a combined attention span of 4 minutes, we quickly got bored and decided that we would use our passes to catch Killing Them Softly later this week.

Instead, we went back to my place and we investigated the DVR, searching for some hidden gem of entertainment.  Believe it or not, we found it.  The 1968 anti-drug educational film Curious Alice was on TCM last night and, wisely, I set the DVR to record it.

Seriously, you have to watch this: