From the deepest pits of hair…

A dark cloud looms over our publishing department. The earth trembles, and the lights grow dim. Arleigh is away, perhaps contemplating what to do for our 1000th post landmark here at Shattered Lens. I scurry to the fridge, concerned as usual with my stomach rather than the task at hand, but as I open the door the pent-up horrors of a thousand cheesy grindhouse films and corpse paint-encrusted metal bands manifest within.

Necrocomiccon – Hot Dog Cart Hunger

What could this be? What have we unleashed upon the world? Many a foul fiend has Through the Shattered Lens bravely reviewed before, but none so vile as this. I tremble in fear at what lies before me… the most vulgar, base, soulless abomination to have ever plagued humanity… The 1980s.

Necrocomiccon – Careless Whisper

Congratulations, fellow authors, on reaching our 1000 post milestone, and thank you to all the readers for sticking it out. Maybe Arleigh will have something more interesting in store for you tonight, but in the meantime I couldn’t resist. Necrocomiccon are a new band from “probably Norway” who write black and melodic death metal parodies of 1980s pop songs. You can check out their album for free on their facebook page:

Necrocomiccon – (I Just) Died in Your Arms

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