6 Trailers For A Long-Needed Saturday

I love Saturday and not just because it’s the weekend!   Nor is it just because Saturday is the day that I traditionally go down to either Northpark Mall or the Galleria and spend way too much money on DVDs, book, lingerie, and handbags.  I love Saturday because Saturday is the day that I get to bring you another edition of Lisa Marie’s Favorite Grindhouse and Exploitation Trailers.

1) Dr. Black, Mr. Hyde (1976)

This trailer rhymes!

2) Raw Meat (1973)

It might not be obvious from the trailer but this is actually a really good, surprisingly somber film.  Director Gary Sherman later went on to make the infamous Vice Squad.

3) The Touchables (1968)

The writer of this film, Donald Cammell, later went on to co-direct Mick Jagger in 1970’s Performance.  As far as I can tell, The Touchables is not available on DVD.  (There is an earlier film called The Touchables that’s available from Something Weird Video but it’s a different movie.)  If anyone knows that this film is available, please let me know as I’ve just recently read a book on Cammell and right now, his films are something of an obsession of mine.

4) Stanley (1972)

“Stanley — a snake that learned that only man kills his own kind…”  All film trailers use to feature pompous narration but the best exploitation trailers managed to take the standards of pompous narration to such an extent that it became a work of postmodern art.  As for Stanley, I actually own this film.  It was on one of those 8-movie compilation DVDs that were all the rage a few years ago.  The copy I saw looked like it had just been transferred off of a beaten-up VHS tape (and it probably was) but the movie still gave me nightmares because I’ve got a thing about snakes.  (By the way, clicking on the above link will lead you not to the copy I watched but to a “special edition” Stanley DVD.  To my best knowledge, the special edition looks a lot better than the copy I own.)

5) Johnny Firecloud (1975)

Johnny Firecloud — a hate story!”  This appears to be one of those films that just asks, ‘What else can go wrong?”  I mean, not only is Johnny Fireclould having to deal with prejudice but the whole thing apparently involves a nuclear war as well.

6) Goldengirl (1979)

Admittedly, I probably wouldn’t have given this trailer a second thought if not for the fact that I’ve gotten into running lately.  Still, this trailer does feature the priceless “You can kiss my feet” scene, a scene that is memorable for a lot of reasons, the least being the look on James Coburn’s face.  And remember, you’ll love Goldengirl “even after you know her secret.”  

 (Interesting sidenote: On Amazon, Goldengirl is only available in VHS form.  You can either spend $126 to get a “never before watched” copy or you can spend $4.90 to get a used copy.)

7 responses to “6 Trailers For A Long-Needed Saturday

    • I know, right? Stanley, as far as I can remember, does not features anyone named Blanche, Stella, or Mitch. There might be a Steve in there but then again, who ever remembers Steve? Steve’s kind of the forgotten hero of A Streetcar Named Desire.


  1. It seems we are kindred spirits – Saturday is lingerie day for me, as well. Small world.

    I enjoyed the “Dr. Black, Mr. Hyde” rhyming narration. I wonder if William “Blacula” Crain made any blaxploitation films based on other horror icons. “The Blackwolf Of London”? “Blackenstein”?

    “Raw Meat” is another film that is included in one of the horror film books I got a long time ago (as was “Shriek Of The Mutilated”, featured in a previous trailers post) that I have not seen. I believe the review was pretty good (unlike that of the other film), and the plot seemed interesting. I had forgotten about it, but its inclusion herein and your positive comment has prompted me to check it out this week.

    Judging by the women at the beginning of the “Touchables” trailer, it seems that film is appropriately titled. It actually looks like a strange and interesting film.

    Why does Goldengirl’s training include repeatedly running into a wall?


    • Okay, this is not a joke — there actually is a film called Blackenstien and yes, it is a blaxploitation take on the classic Frankenstien legend. It is a trailer that will, at some point, in the future show up in one of these posts. 🙂 It was directed by a William though he was a Levy and not a Crain.

      I cannot recommend Raw Meat highly enough. It’s one of those very atmospheric, very gothic English films that acts as both a commentary on class warfare and as a straight horror film. Plus, it features a really good and surprisingly subtle performance from Donald Pleasance. Oh, and since this is an English horror film from the early 70s, it also features a largely pointless but entertaining cameo from Christopher Lee doing his Christopher Lee thing.

      I have to admit that I am fascinated by the swinging, psychedelic exploitation films of the late 60s. They somehow manage to be really innocent and really naughty at the same time, just like me! 🙂 As a title, The Touchables is somehow both blatant and quaint.

      I’m not sure why Goldengirl is running into a wall. I just know I’m glad that I don’t have to do that when I go running because, seriously, that looks like it would hurt!


      • “Blackenstein”. How about that?

        I didn’t realize “Raw Meat” was budgeted big enough to have the likes of Pleasance and Lee (albeit in a bit part). I am a fan of his Christopher Lee thing. I figured the film had been independently produced.

        Not many people know that the lead role in “Goldengirl” was originally to be played by Bea Arthur. But she refused to run into the wall. It’s true.


  2. Always great to see one of your trailer posts! I’ve actually seen each one of the films this time around, and I’d have to say that “Dr. Black and Mr. Hyde” is the funnest of the bunch, while “Raw Meat” is probably the most cerebral and atmospheric, definitely one for good late-night viewing. “Goldengirl” isn’t half-bad mostly beccause it’s always great to see James Coburn in anything, and “Jonny Firecloud” is a good choice when you’re in the mood for one of those hit-you-over-the-head-with-a-sledgehammer-continuously “message” movies. Nicely done all around!


    • Thank you! Raw Meat was actually on Turner Classic Movies about two or three weeks ago, they showed it along with Strange Behavior so I was in “oddly effective, low budget horror film heaven.” 🙂


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