Scenes I Love: Southern Comfort

This rather lengthy sequence comes towards the end of Walter Hill’s 1981 action film, Southern Comfort.  Two national guardsmen (played by Keith Carradine and Powers Boothe), after spending the majority of the movie being chased through the Louisiana bayou by “bad” Cajuns, find a few moments of fleeting peace with “good” Cajuns.  While I love the way Hill builds up the tension in the scene, it’s the authentic atmosphere that makes this sequence memorable.  Hill filmed this sequence with nonprofessional extras who pretty much just did their thing. 

(As a sidenote: I’m fluent in French but less so in Cajun.)

Be warned: two hogs are gunned down and gutted about halfway through this scene.  Since this film was made by Walter Hill and not Umberto Lenzi, I doubt the hogs were specifically murdered just for the movie.  To be honest, as a former farm girl who has spent more than a little time down around the bayous, I find it diffilcult to cry too hard over a hog.  Trust me, they’re nothing at all like Babe.

The music here, by the way, was performed by the legendary Dewey Balfa.