Artist Profile: R.A. Osborne (1923 — 1973)

The British artist R.A. Osborne is one of those very prolific illustrators about whom there doesn’t seem to be much biographical information.  He began his career as an illustrator in 1950 and worked for Corgi Books from 1952 to 1958.  After 1958, he was hired at Digit Books and spent the rest of his career working as their art director and doing the covers for most of their books.  This post at Bear Alley goes into a bit more details about Osborne’s life but otherwise, there’s a surprisingly small amount of information available about such a prolific artist.

In this case, the work will have to be speak for the artist.  Fortunately, Osborne’s covers are more than capable of proving his talent.  Here’s a small sampling of Osborne’s work:

A Question of Adultery by Gordon Wellesley, Digit Books R189, 1958; novelisation of the movie, based on the screenplay by Anne Edwards, starring Anthony Steel and Julie London

Codeword Nemesis by Bryan Haven, Digit Books R627, 1962