Music Video of the Day: Overture/Pinball Wizard by The Who (1969, dir by ????)

I saw this on an old episode of Night Flight on Friday night and, I don’t know.  It just felt appropriate for today’s music video of the day.  In some ways, this video feels even stranger and more ominous than the one that Ken Russell came up with when he directed the film adaptation of Tommy.

Personally, my hope is that the next CSI show, should there ever be another one, will use Pinball Wizard as their theme song.   Just imagine Nathan Fillion saying something quippy, putting on his sunglasses and …. “SURE PLAYS A MEAN PINBALL!”  Opening credits!  It’ll be a hit.

One final note.  When The Who played Tommy at Woodstock, they were interrupted by Abbie Hoffman, who apparently wanted to give an impromptu speech.  The band did the right thing and Pete Townsend literally kicked Hoffman off the stage.  And, in that way, The Who saved not only Woodstock but also the 60s.


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