We Have Lost Giovanni Lombardo Radice

I am broken-hearted to learn that the Italian horror icon, Giovanni Lombardo Radice, has passed away.  RIP, Johnny.  He was a good actor, a fascinating intellect, and a witty conversationalist, one who was always willing to take the time to talk to his fans.  I once wrote about a dream that I had after watching one of the films in which he appeared.  (I think it was Cannibal Apocalypse, if just because the DVD included a lengthy interview with him in which he made quite an impression as a well-read and well-spoken actor who just happened to appear in very graphic horror films.)  I was having to look after two hyperactive children who, in the dream, were apparently his kids.  (Before anyone reads too much into the dream, I was not the mother.  I was just the babysitter.)  He replied, “Perhaps actors in monster movies have monster children.”  He also loved animals, followed politics, translated Shakespeare, spoke glowingly of Fulci and Deodato, and never hesitated to talk about how much he hated Cannibal Ferox.  I always hoped that he would one day get the comeback he deserved.  He had a small role in Gangs of New York and a slightly bigger one in The Omen remake.  Tarantino raved about him.  A true gentleman, he will be missed by all.

For once last time, here is Giovanni Lombardo Radice dancing with Lorraine De Selle in The House on The Edge of the Park.

2 responses to “We Have Lost Giovanni Lombardo Radice

  1. Cult cinema doesn’t seem to honor the legendary character Actors/Actresses…many appear in dozens of films but are quickly forgotten – thanks for sharing this. I especially love when someone, like Actress Linda Hayden, publicly states how she only regretted ONE film: “Trauma” AKA “The House On Straw Hill” – yet she did a full interview for the blu-ray about it! Bravo!


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