Scenes That I Love: Michael Corleone Visits Las Vegas In The Godfather

Today, the Shattered Lens wishes a happy birthday to the great Al Pacino.

Today’s scene that I love comes from 1972’s The Godfather, in which Al Pacino plays Michael Corleone.  In this scene, Michael, having just taken over the Corleone family, pays a visit to Vegas.  He meets his brother Fredo (John Cazale), who has certainly changed from being the meek person that he was in New York.  He meets the singer Johnny Fontana (Al Martino), who owes a favor to the Corleones.  And he meets Moe Greene (Alex Rocco), who soon discovers that the Corleones cannot be intimidated.  Most importantly, Michael proves that he is now in charge of the family.  At the end of the scene, Michael gives Fredo an important warning and sets up the tragic ending of the The Godfather Part II.

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