A Blast From The Past: The Vanishing Lady (dir by Georges Méliès)

In this short film from 1896, Georges Méliès shows off not one magic trick but actually four.  He makes a woman disappear.  He makes a skeleton appear.  Then he makes the skeleton disappear and then he brings the vanishing lady back.  Today, of course, we all know how these tricks were done but just imagine how audiences in 1896, many of whom were still amazed that movies could exist at all, would have reacted to this short film.  This film provides a look into a simpler and more innocent time.  Watching this film, I found myself wishing that I could feel the wonder at a movie that someone in 1896 would have.  Sadly, audiences are far more jaded today.

Personally, I liked that both Méliès and the Vanishing Lady stepped back onstage to take a little bow.  Even in those early days of cinema, they understood the importance of connecting with the audience.

One response to “A Blast From The Past: The Vanishing Lady (dir by Georges Méliès)

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