Everyone’s Changing In The Trailer for Hotel Transylvania 4!

I have to admit that my initial reaction to the trailer for Hotel Transylvania 4 was to say, “They’ve done four of these!?”

And it’s true. For an animated franchise that has never exactly been a critical favorite and which isn’t backed by PIXAR, there’s been quite a installments in the Hotel Transylvania saga. Regardless of what the critics may think, the films do well enough at the box office. I’d be lying I said I could remember much about the previous few installments but I do recall that they were cute if not particularly ground-breaking.

The fourth film explores what happens when all the monsters get transformed into human beings. It’s a good look for Frankenstein but less so for Dracula. Adam Sandler, who voiced Dracula in the previous three films, does not return in this installment and he has been replaced by YouTuber Brian Hull. As well, Kevin James will not be returning as Frankenstein and has been replaced by Brad Abrell. Selana Gomez, however, does return to voice Mavis and the great Steve Buscemi will be back as Wayne the Werewolf.

Hotel Transylvania 4 will be replaced on October 1st.

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