Horror on the Lens: Gargoyles (dir by Bill Norton)

For today’s horror on the lens, we have a made-for-TV monster movie from 1972, Gargoyles!

What happens when a somewhat condescending anthropologist (Cornel Wilde) and his daughter (Jennifer Salt) head out to the desert?  Well, they stop by a crazy old man’s shack so that they can look at his genuine monster skeleton.  Before Wilde can thoroughly debunk the old man’s claims, the shack is attacked by real monsters!

That’s right!  Gargoyles exist and they apparently live in Arizona!

(And, hey, why wouldn’t gargoyles live in Arizona?  I mean, they have to live somewhere, right? Real estate is not cheap.)

This film was introduced to me by TSL contributor and Late Night Movie Gang founder Patrick Smith and we had an absolute blast watching it.  There’s nothing particularly surprising about the plot but the gargoyles are memorable creations and Bernie Casey gives a good performance as their leader.  The gargoyle makeup was designed by none other than Stan Winston, who won an Emmy for his work here and who went on to win Oscars for his work on Aliens, Terminator 2, and Jurassic Park.

As well, a very young Scott Glenn shows up in the cast.  I like to think that he’s playing the same character in both Gargoyles and Sucker Punch.


5 Days Til Halloween

Shadow Out Of Time, by Harold V. Brown

“After twenty-two years of nightmare and terror, saved only by a desperate conviction of the mythical source of certain impressions, I am unwilling to vouch for the truth of that which I think I found in Western Australia on the night of July 17–18, 1935.”

— H.P. Lovecraft, The Shadow Out Of Time

Music Video of the Day: Zombie Love by Lost in Atlantis (2018, dir by Raul Gonzo)

Awwwww!  Even zombies occasionally just need a night to go out and have some fun.

I like this video.  Far too often, zombie videos are too serious for their own good.  This video actually has some fun with the living dead and it ends with a nice little twist.