Horror On The Lens: The Giant Gila Monster (dir by Ray Kellogg)

For today’s horror on the lens, we present to you the 1959 film, The Giant Gila Monster!

As you can tell from the title, this is another one of those big lizard films, which were so popular back in the 50s and early 60s.  For reasons that aren’t quite clear, a lizard grows to giant size and it’s up to a bunch teenagers, law enforcement officers, and small town citizens to put nature back in its place!

The Giant Gila Monster was filmed outside of Dallas and it was produced by Gordon McLendon.  Now, admittedly, you might not recognize the name but he was one of the most important figures in the history of DFW.  McLendon founded KLIF, which is DFW’s top talk radio station.  He also once ran for the Senate, as a conservative Democrat.  By most accounts that I’ve read, he was a true Texas character so I guess it makes sense that, along with all of his other accomplishments, he would add film producer to the list.

Anyway, enjoy this movie about a giant lizard!  Gila monsters, I should add, are freaking scary enough when they’re normal-sized.  That said, the lizard in this film is actually a Mexican beaded lizard and not an actual Gila monster.


3 responses to “Horror On The Lens: The Giant Gila Monster (dir by Ray Kellogg)

  1. Hmmm? I am not usually a fan of things that craw,l but when they are giant size, they sometimes become endearing, (spiders are the exception). It’s a watch.


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