Music Video of the Day: We Need A Gimmick by Nekrogoblikon (2015, directed by George Nienhuis)

Who are Nekrogoblikon?

This is what it says over on their website:

What happens when you put a bunch of bloodthirsty, music-loving goblins together? Well, a lot of disembowelment, but also a lot of catchy tunes. Formed six millennia ago, and practicing only every other leap year on a full moon, the band has perfected their brand of crushing goblin music.

Nekrogoblikon is also a band that was formed in 2006 in Palo Alto, California and who have built a loyal cult following by performing songs about goblins.  In 2012, the band uploaded a video to YouTube for their song, No One Survives.  It was about a goblin trying to win the affection of one of his co-workers (played by Kayden Kross).  No One Survives became a viral hit so their video for We Need A Gimmick features John Goblikon (played by David Rispoli) using what he’s learned to help Nekrogoblikon find the gimmick that will keep Earthlings from realizing that the members of the band are actually goblins from outer space.  Along the way, the video parodies rap, EDM, and Justin Timberlake.  And, of course, Kayden Kross returns.

Nekrogoblikon has shown a longevity that would probably surprise those who originally dismissed them as merely being a novelty act.  On April 13th, they released their 5th album, Welcome to Bonkers.



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