Artist Profile: Hunter Barker (1918–2010)

Hunter Barker is one of those artists who I wish I could tell you more about but I couldn’t find much information about him online.  Here’s what it said over at

“Born in Canada in 1918, Hunter Barker studied at the Ontario College of Art, Toronto, the Darlington Art College, Durham, England and the London School of Arts and Crafts, London.  Mr. Barker studied and worked with many famous artists throughout his career including Robert Loughheed, Charles Seliger, John Clymer, A. Shore Packer, and Charles Kingham.  He spent many years illustrating for national magazines, paperback book publishers and NBC Television in New York.”

I was also able to find a small memorial site for him, that indicated that Barker died in Florida in the year 2010.

Sometimes, after I do one of these artist profiles, a family member or a former colleague will leave a comment and let us know more about the artist.  Maybe that will happen in this case.

Below is a sampling of Barker’s work.  He was active in the 1950s.  While working on this post, I came across many covers that looked like they could have been done by Barker but I have only included work that has definitely been credited as being his:

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